Energy & Power Awards 2019

32 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards A revered provider of high specification, bespoke engineering, TSP Engineering is an important supplier to the nuclear sector and other key industries, known for building on its heritage in the steel industry to supply today’s clients with the solutions they need. In celebration of the firm’s win of not one but two of this year’s highly-coveted Energy and Power Awards we showcase its service offering in more detail. TSP Engineering offer technical solutions to complex problems, delivering heavy engineering to Swiss Watch tolerances. Operating from one of the largest and most compressively equipped facilities in the UK, offering a full range of services from design, consultancy and project management to manufacture and refurbishment along with electrical engineering, instrumentation and testing. With open minds and safe hands, the firm’s skilled employees tailor each service to individual business needs ensuring a high-quality outcome. Its specialist manufacture site, locality and engineering experience makes TSP Engineering a key supplier to industries such as Nuclear, Defence and Security, Steelmaking, Construction, and Oil and Gas. Located on Britain’s Energy Coast in Workington, TSP Engineering operates from one of the largest workshops in the UK. The facility has a floor capacity of 19,200 m2, two five-meter deep manufacturing pits and a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes. These facilities give the firm the capabilities to handle some of the biggest engineering projects in the UK and overseas. TSP Engineering enjoy being an SME and believe that there is nothing wrong with staying small, as big things can be achieved with a small team. It is, however, important to keep striving for success and to take advantage of all opportunities to allow not only the company to grow in both revenue and success, but for people to grow and develop allowing them to reach their potential. Recently, TSP Engineering announced their success in becoming the first company, not only in the UK, but in the world to be certified to the new ISO 19443 standard following an intensive audit by Lloyds Register. The standard is an addition to ISO 9001 and focuses on improving both safety in the Nuclear sector and the Supply Chain of the Nuclear Energy Sector, supplying products and services important to Nuclear safety (ITNS). The business see this standard as being critical to their ongoing development, providing customers with the assurance of a standardised level of quality whilst securing quality products and components. Within the industry ISO 19443 is a very important standard to be certified to, and TSP Engineering are proud to say they are the first company globally to achieve the certification. This shows the level of understanding which TSP Engineering have when it comes to prioritising safety and the company’s dedication and commitment to be the market leader in Manufacturing. Gaining this accreditation evidences the firms drive, extensive knowledge and ambition, offering potential growth and sustainability for the future. Earlier this year, TSP Engineering invited Professor Janne Wallenius, of Stockholm, to join the team for a secondment, allowing him access to the specialist site and the skilled experienced workforce. Professor Janne Wallenius has over 20 years of nuclear engineering experience and has joined the company with the shared goal of designing new miniature nuclear reactors, which will be built at TSP Engineering. Janne Wallenius stated: “TSP has the engineering expertise here, and the capabilities to carry out this project. We are working from the theoretical stage to the production stage. This is a unique opportunity.” The development in Advanced Modular Nuclear Reactors will help replace ageing ‘power generating assets’ in the UK - focusing on making Best Nuclear Engineering Company 2019 & Award for Excellence in Sustainable Alternative Energy TSP Engineering: nuclear energy cheaper, cleaner, easier and quicker to build. The innovative project will see TSP Engineering be a part of designing the cutting- edge technology and manufacturing process. TSP Engineering are one of the few companies in the UK who are working on this style of project, with the aim of generating energy with technology that is intrinsically safe and self-decommissioning, resulting in a safer cleaner generation of nuclear. John Coughlan, CEO of TSP Engineering, said: “This is a game-changer, a chance to be a disruptor in the marketplace. The concept is cheaper and delivering quicker than the new builds previously proposed costing around £150 million per module rather than £10 billion”. Preparation is taking place as TSP Engineering recognise Advance Modular Nuclear Reactors will become a disruptive strategy. Advance Modular Nuclear Reactors will also meet the demands of the ever-growing need and desire for electric vehicles. This will hopefully lead to organisations such as Shell and BP joining the electric generating market due to the relevance and project growth which is estimated years down the line. The support of politicians at all levels across the county, the firm’s skilled workforce and trusted suppliers, and the embedded passion for both the region and industry will all be instrumental in the success of this project.