Energy & Power Awards 2019

37 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Lake Street Consulting Ltd Best Energy Project Consultancy - South England Drawing on longstanding experience throughout the energy space and in meteorology, Lake Street Consulting is able to provide innovative consultancy services that benefit a multitude of companies and projects. Having recognised the firm in this year’s Energy and Power Awards we profile it to find out more. Since its inception in 2014, Lake Street’s aim has been to make weather forecasts more accessible to businesses across the corporate landscape, particularly in the energy space. Whilst generic weather forecasts are easily accessible, many companies require specific information which requires expert meteorological skills. The models generating weather forecasts each have their own biases, errors and limitations which vary depending on the weather pattern currently active. By combining its team’s meteorological knowledge and end user experience, Lake Street is able to interpret forecasts in a way that makes them beneficial for a given business: bridging the gap between forecasts and decision making. Add in Lake Street’s energy market experience and you have a consultancy well positioned to understand the unique issues arising as renewable generation increases its capacity share. Predominantly, European gas and power markets, including renewables, are the energies the firm focuses on, with global views on LNG and coal. The firm’s experience spans trading and portfolio management, consultancy, M&A, and market analytics. From conception through to execution, if project managers need help with strategy, evaluation of an asset’s financial outlook, or trade ideas, the firm’s team will assess how they can enhance their project and offer an award-winning service that will help maximise the chances of a successful outcome. In the weather consultancy space, the firm helps businesses to translate weather data into information pertinent to their business decisions, enabling clients to enhance profits, cut costs and/ or hedge their company’s weather risk. Many businesses, from construction to ice cream, have weather dependent decisions to make. As well as supporting clients and helping them with their projects, Lake Street also provides a free online blog, which contains a number of articles that act as a resource for those seeking to learn more about the energy and weather forecasting markets. By offering the benefit of its expertise in this way the firm is able to showcase its knowledge and help clients to understand the importance of its service offering. Going forward, having supported a myriad of different businesses over the years, in the future Lake Street will continue to use its expertise to ensure its future clients receive the same exceptional standard of service and enjoy the benefit of its diverse industry knowledge. Company: Lake Street Consulting Ltd Contact: Isla Finney Website: