Energy & Power Awards 2019

38 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Water Fuel Engineering Limited: Leading Developer of Oxy-Hydrogen Applications & Most Innovative Water Fuel Technology: HydroGen™ Working to drive energy- efficiency in a range of markets, Water Fuel Engineering Limited develops clean technologies to work alongside traditional fuels to lessen the impact on the environment and to produce substantial cost benefits for end users. Having recognised the company in this year’s highly-competitive Energy and Power Awards we felt it was important to showcase the vital work it is doing to steer companies towards greater sustainability in their energy and natural resource usage. As an environmentally friendly service provider, Water Fuel Engineering not only delivers innovative technology but also the necessary knowledge and expertise related to the processes to meet the consumer and market demands of today as well as tomorrow. This integrative approach and interdisciplinary expertise enable them to ensure that the best possible service for reducing emissions and enhancing the fuel efficiency of existing technology is available today. By retrofitting HydroGen™ onto existing vehicles or power generators, the firm can, essentially, hybridise them, offering a unique solution that ensures clients can enhance their existing equipment and processes. This award-winning service is provided to a range of clients, predominantly in the automotive and transport sector. Many of Water Fuel Engineering’s clients are local authorities and farmers and the firm delivers a drastic reduction in emissions, continuous carbon cleaning and a telematics unit for mileage and operational hours. Clients of Water Fuel Engineering are also offered free consumables and quarterly on-site visits for maintenance and upkeep of their new HydroGen™ electrolyser, ensuring that they feel supported throughout the entire life of their equipment. Each unit is tailored to the application it is being used for, and the firm has service teams available 24/7 with call-outs being on an as soon as possible basis. The telematics system integrated with the firm’s HydroGen™ electrolysers allow these dedicated teams to be proactive and pre- empt servicing requirements by monitoring the performance of HydroGen™ remotely. With an increased focus on fuel- efficiency and reduced consumption of natural resources such as water, oil and natural gases, companies and organisations across the corporate landscape are seeking new and innovative ways to preserve the planet for future generations. One company working to support this effort is Water Fuel Engineering, a research and development company specialising in producing alkaline electrolysers generating oxy-hydrogen gas that functions as an additive to increase the combustion efficiency of fossil fuels and reduce emitted emissions. The offered products include the unique range of autonomous HydroGen™ electrolysers, its complementary electronic control unit and the exceptional engineering services and knowledge of implementing oxy-hydrogen in the green energy industry. As a result, clients know that they can rely on Water Fuel Engineering to provide them with the quality support and solutions they need. This dedication to quality and excellence has helped the firm to become the ideal partner for any company wanting to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency. This incredible success has been achieved despite the firm facing many challenges within the wider fuel engineering space. After all, whilst the global market for hydrogen fuel cells has been predicted a CAGR of 53,6% until 2023 which represents very dynamic growth, the awareness of hydrogen technologies remains low and the market is not yet stable. A significant outside influence affecting Water Fuel Engineering is that the Vehicle Certification Agency requires type approval for each vehicle that has a HydroGen™ electrolyser fitted, which affects the firm significantly. This represents a regulatory challenge.