Energy & Power Awards 2019

39 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Another challenge is the claim that the HydroGen™ electrolysers would affect the warranty of the vehicles. Due to the innovative nature of Water Fuel Engineering’s technology, the firm is also faced with difficulties when discussing insurance due to the lack of implementation history of the HydroGen™ electrolysers. Despite these challenges, Water Fuel Engineering, through its creative approach and commitment to quality, has flourished and continues to undertake exciting and innovative projects. For example, recently the firm collaborated with Stock Sweepers, one of the biggest British-owned producers of road sweepers, which made Water Fuel Engineering’s technology available to those who order new machinery. The World’s First Hydrogen Road Sweeper was launched at the NEC Exhibition at Birmingham in September 2016 as a result of this exciting collaboration with Stock Sweepers. Seeking to build upon this success, moving forward Water Fuel Engineering will be working on many more invigorating projects, including working towards integrating oxy-hydrogen with heating processes. As part of this project, the firm will optimise the efficiency of its HydroGen™ electrolysers by collaborating with Sheffield Hallam University, establish a working prototype and apply Water Fuel Engineering’s technology with domestic, non-domestic and industrial heating processes. The company’s collaboration with the Low Carbon Combustion Centre at the University of Sheffield will verify the positive outcomes related to an increase in fuel efficiency and a reduction in emission levels. Alongside the development of HydroGen™ for heating processes, Water Fuel Engineering also expects to establish further research and production bases as a result of the advances from this project, along with creating job spaces devoted to installing HydroGen™ in the heating and automotive sector. Overall, these latest projects will help drive Water Fuel Engineering towards even greater success and cement the firm’s reputation as a core thought-leader in the fuel engineering space. Company: Water Fuel Engineering Limited Name: Angel Nenov Address: Office 3, Freemans House, 8 Liquorice Way, Pontefract, WF8 1DR Telephone Number: 01226213314 Web Address: Leading Developer of Oxy-Hydrogen Applications: Water Fuel Engineering Limited