Energy & Power Awards 2019

44 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards “At Event Water, we have a debrief with the clients after each event, where we will revisit the original scope. This is an opportunity to gain some valid feedback and identify any areas that were not as planned. Not only does this allow us to plan future events more efficiently, but it also builds a reputable status with existing clients.” From the very beginning, the firm have consistently provided regular updates to their clients, to ensure that they are fully aware that the team at Event Water are supplying them with the best solutions for their event, but also create bespoke infrastructure which meets their needs. This first class customer service Event Water is renowned for is proven by the firm’s extensive client base, as most of their revenue is from word of mouth referrals. Going forward, both Ben and the team at Event Water aim to continue delivering this exceptional level of service, whilst growing the business and the solutions they provide to clients. Bringing the interview to a close, Ben signs off by revealing what the future has in store for the team at Event Water, touching on their plans to further expand the company, as well as educated clients on their environmental footprint. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, we hope to expand into more national locations, whilst reducing and educating client on the environmen- tal footprint. Lastly, we are also working towards upskilling the workforce in the years to come.” Contact: Ben Williams Address: 25 Cavendish Avenue, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, GL2 3HN Telephone: 07539852070 Web Address: Event Water Ltd: Best Event Fresh Water Solutions Provider 2019 Based in Gloucester, Event Water is a temporary fresh water management and infrastructure company. Recently, we spoke to the firm’s Director, Ben Williams to discover how the firm came to be one of the best event fresh water solutions providers for 2019. “Consistency is key, our mission is to provide a smart wholesome setup that exceeds the need of our clients. Every step of the process is thoroughly planned and each member of the team is equipped with the scope of the event, we aim for seamless installation, efficient water monitoring, regular sanitising of drinking points, waste water management, up until the breakdown and derig of all equipment, all without disrupting the event.” Using their years of practice and knowledge, the Event Water team is able to provide clients with the optimum pressure and distribution for events and varied scale, from temporary kitchens to large events. Over the years, the firm has provided their services to a vast range of events, from local family run events to large scale corporate gatherings and festivals, which hosts over twenty thousand guests. When discussing how the firm are able to deliver this level of service, Ben is keen to highlight how the Event Water team are able to maintain such high- standards with every project they undertake. Since their inception, Event Water has been providing full management and installation of temporary fresh and waste water infrastructure to a number of outdoor and indoor events. As a result, the firm have become vastly popular in Gloucester and have also reached nationwide locations. Today, Event Water is formed of a team of experts who have more than eight years of experience working within the temporary water industry. This extensive experience within this dynamic field, means that the firm have established both a strong reputation and brand name in industry. In addition to this, the bespoke equipment and solutions the team provides for their clients, as well as the constant improvement has been a key factor in the firm’s success over the years. Ben begins by going into further detail about Event Water, informing us of the firm’s overall mission and how the supportive team work tirelessly to achieve it.