Energy & Power Awards 2019

45 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Utility Bidder: Best Business Utilities Comparison Service 2019 - England Utility Bidder is a Third-Party Intermediary (TPI) that provides energy services to British businesses. With an established reputation for providing one of the best business utilities comparison services in England, we caught up with Managing Director, James Longley who provided us with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the innerworkings of the firm. With unrivalled knowledge and expertise securely under their belt, Utility Bidder are one of the go-to companies for customers who are looking to save money on their gas and electricity, as well as any other utilities. Based on a simple philosophy that is customer is king, James begins by informing us more about the firm’s high standards they set themselves across the company. “Here at Utility Bidder, we put customer service at the heart of everything we do. From finding them the most competitive price for utilities, to supporting transition from supplier to another or just being there to answer any general queries they have. This customer service is demonstrated by our five star reviews on Trust Pilot, as well as winning several customer service awards.” Established in 2009, Utility Bidder provides electricity, gas, water, telecoms and merchant services to business of all sizes. Today, the firm aims to provide energy advice and guidance to business decision makers across the UK to build back confidence within the market that, since deregulation, can seem overwhelming to customers. Utility Bidder have worked with a number of companies from a vast range of industries throughout the UK, providing each of them with excellent customer service and energy advice. Since their inception, the team have wanted their customers to consider the firm has their in-house energy experts – regardless of their size or the sector in which they operate within. Speaking of awards, James was eager to highlight what this particular win means for the firm, noting the factors attributing to the team’s remarkable success over the years “This award come after a major investment in Utility Bidder, and an exceptional period of growth as we celebrate 10 years in the sector. We are proud to win this award which is testament to our hard- working teams across the business, all of whom have played a significant part in our success. As well as our staff, it is also our loyal customer base who continue to support us year on year who are part of this accomplishment.” Fundamentally, Utility Bidder remains ambitious, and thanks to a significant investment in 2019 the opportunities for development have never looked clearer. Bringing the interview to a close, James signs off by revealing how he believes the firm is possibly one of the fastest growing businesses in their sector, as well as touching on how Utility Bidder will continue to grow in the years to come. “Since 2018, our business has grown sales by over 40%. Our ambitious growth strategy is led by a dynamic management team who put customers at the core of our business. Utility Bidder are looking to head a network of sub-brokers to grow and implement its views further across the UK.” Company: Utility Bidder Web Address: