Energy & Power Awards 2019

47 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Most Innovative CleanTech Company 2019 Today there are already significant challenges for high energy usage production companies who are dependant on energy supplies. These companies are increasingly seeing the need to seek new and even ground-breaking ways to avoid taking energy supply for granted. New and ground-breaking… bring on Heliex Power. Heliex Power have designed & created a new piece of equipment which generates additional electrical power without increasing carbon levels, whilst creating more self-sufficiency, competitiveness and innovation. Enabling businesses to generate power from process steam within industrial, waste, or biomass processing, the equipment can be quickly and easily integrated into existing production facilities with minimal disruption. On new build sites, the design of Heliex GenSet means that businesses enjoy greater success with project approval, future planning, and extension of capability. Heliex have evidenced Environmental & Planning consents being awarded to clients for new build sites where they would not have done so without Heliex Powers GenSet being in-process. This makes it a real game changer in this area. Marco Iezzi is Heliex Power’s Director of Thermal Dynamics & Product Planning. Marco says “the Heliex GenSet has a ground-breaking design that gives users a unique set of advantages. This plays out in a number of ways. The GenSet equipment can operate with different steam flow rates and lower-temperature, variable quality steam, as well as providing consistent energy recovery capabilities even at low plant power. In addition, it does not use harmful chemicals at any stage during production or operation”. Customers say that it’s a flexible and easy to operate solution. So, while the technology used is advanced, it’s simple to maintain in-house and can easily be replicated across multiple sites. The ROI and revenue opportunities clients get are rapid & robust, as they produce electrical power while reducing associated costs and carbon emissions. For assured ROI, the offering provides low CAPEX for reduced investment risk as well as competitive cost-per-KW-recovered options. And, because the Heliex GenSet only runs when the process plant runs, the client won’t waste energy. At the heart of today’s challenge facing companies is an increasingly unstable and unreliable energy infrastructure – and many industrial organisations are asking themselves if it’s worth the risk to rely so heavily on it. This is not solely about cost, although that pressure simply cannot be overlooked and is only likely to increase in coming years. Increasingly stringent regional and global CO2 targets are making alternative fuels a strategic option, and distributed energy models a key consideration. In addition, sustainability is becoming an active issue both for the organisation and the wider community – engaging with it can in itself create a positive, valuable corporate social responsibility story for companies. Heliex Power are helping by harnessing existing process steam to generate electricity for process industries. Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, the company are helping motivate energy usage change through their flagship product, the Heliex GenSet. Heliex Power have scaled up their sales activity and are selling their product across the globe already. In 2019 the company have sold into seven new countries. Richard Hamilton is a Strategic Client Manager at Heliex Power and told us they were “delivering real success for customers and our sales are showing record growth as a consequence of this. We are seeing companies grasp just how easily this technology can proactively recover objectives, establish an infrastructure to meet emissions targets, increase income streams, and demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility”. Heliex Power impressed the SME News’ selection panel for the Energy and Power Awards 2019 in many ways. The panel summed up the solution in this way. The GenSet directly enables businesses to responsibly adapt from within to meet the energy crisis head on. Heliex Power have a great product and a fabulous team ensuring that clients are fitter, more sustainable & more responsible for the future using a reliable renewable energy. Heliex Power and their GenSet technology provides a more viable option for continued energy use across the world. This UK based company are proof that businesses and industries can turn away from harmful fossil fuels and thrive profitably & sustainably with the adoption of cleaner approaches to energy. Company: Heliex Power Limited Contact: Richard Hamilton Website: