Energy & Power Awards 2019

6 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Thanks to its collaborative approach, TED defines its team as inclusive of all its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners, who strive to establish a successful working relationship. Internally, the firm’s staff work tirelessly to ensure that all expectations are not only met but are exceeded with an enthusiasm to make great savings on energy costs. The result is strong ties with every stakeholder the firm has the privilege to work alongside. Such a people-focused approach has helped the firm to support its clients even as the energy market faces struggles. After all, 2018 saw the largest increase in gas and power prices, with the government having to implement the energy price cap to help in the struggle of spiralling energy bills. With new increasing levies being implemented over the last five years such as CfD’s, FiTs and EII’s, the SME market has been continually seeing more of their profits eroded away. This has had a cascading effect showing as an overall increase in prices for their inventory, and to their customers final prices for goods/services. As a result, in recent years TED has been working on damage control, supporting its clients to ensure that they receive the best possible value from their energy suppliers. As part of this focus, the firm is constantly looking at how businesses can reduce their energy costs with efficiency and new technologies coming into the market. Energy consumption data tracking technology is a key focus throughout the corporate market currently, but TED understands that this data needs to be interpreted correctly in order to have a positive impact on energy efficiency and cost, and as such the firm’s team will continue to use its expertise to help businesses to understand this information and use it to make meaningful savings. Overall, having risen from humble beginnings more than 13 years ago, TED is now a well- respected and a trusted partner within the energy industry securing long established relationships due to its commitment to ethical trading. Looking ahead, the firm has many exciting opportunities to grow and flourish as it works to help businesses throughout the UK to overcome the challenges bought about by Brexit. After leaving the EU, new trade agreements will need to be made and, during the interim times, it is likely that there will be an impact on energy and power, both in costs and supply. TED will need to be flexible in its approach to deal with whatever the future holds to ensure that its customers’ needs are diligently managed. Ultimately, as a dynamic and client-focused company, TED is always looking at new technologies and methods of utilising and incorporating these into the energy industry. This proactive approach will help the firm to support its clients in this volatile and fluctuating corporate space throughout the coming years, no matter what challenges they may face. Company: The Energy Desk (UK) Ltd Name: Ian Edwards or Zoe Chadwick Address: 10 Venus House, Mercury Rise, Altham Business Park, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5BY Telephone: 0845 838 9830 Web: