Energy and Power Awards 2021

11 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 To preserve our planet’s status as one where humanity can thrive, it’s essential that we reduce the amount of CO2 in our environment significantly. To do this, new companies need to come to the fore and provide a driving economic force on an international level. The team at 350 PPM Ltd have made it their business to develop new environmental businesses and projects around the world. We take a look in the light of their incredible success in SME News’ Energy and Power Awards. The Paris Agreement marked a significant shift in the way in which climate change was seen by the world. Since being signed in 2016, people around the world have begun to retool how their energy systems operate. With a potential $90 trillion environmental revolution in the offing, it’s clear that these businesses will need incubation and development to secure success in the rapid timeframe mentioned. With a team who’s experience going all the way back to 2008, the team at 350 PPM have unique sector expertise both in the pre- construction development and the accreditation of environmental projects. These two aspects are generally acknowledged as the richest equity seam for investors, and have become the primary focus of the team’s efforts to ensure ROI for all. Working alongside environmental companies, the 350 PPM team take them through the four stages of commercialization, namely incubation, expansion, VC and listing. For those businesses that avoid actual energy generation, while placing the issue of climate change at the out of their business, it is possible to benefit from SEIS/EIS tax incentives. By 2019, the 350 PPM team had introduced six environmental companies to investors who shared their ambitions and goals, as well as playing a crucial role in the development of over 50 environmental projects. These projects ranged from developing ways of utilising waste methane at the Guangxi Jinyuan Methane Recover Project through to the generation of hydro-electric power in Pengshui County. All of the projects have their own unique demands, but all bring immense benefits to those who live and work locally as well as on an international scale. To many, the climate change crisis is one where governments must work together to find a solution that saves the planet, but businesses have their own role to play. What is clear from the approach of the team at 350 PPM is that there are some problems that are best solved through capitalism. The team’s reach is not just limited to a single country’s borders, but is able to have an impact around the world. This is the key to success for the firm, and why it has been able to achieve so much over the last decade. The climate crisis is one which will affect the course of the world, and everyone must play their part in ensuring that the planet remains viable for generations to come. The success of 350 PPM is a sign that everyone is doing what they can, and that they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future too. Company: 350 PPM Ltd Name: Nick Dimmock Email: Sep21456 Best Environmental Incubator 2021 & SME Recognition Award for Climate Change Solutions 350 PPM Ltd