Energy and Power Awards 2021

12 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 the energy industry as a whole. Sometimes the latest that technology can offer is not entirely beneficial to those who need to use it most. The secret behind the success of NexGen is the way in which their new idea can be seamlessly implemented into heating systems in any environment, bringing guaranteed advantages to all. For this firm, and their customers alike, the future is very bright indeed. Company: NexGen Name: Clive Osborne Email: Every so often, a technological leap is made that transforms an industry. The team at NexGen Heating Limited have made that leap. We take a closer look at what their exciting developments will entail, and how it has earned them tremendous success in the SME News’ Energy and Power Awards 2021. The development of new energy solutions is vital to solving the challenges facing humanity with regards to climate change. When theses solutions are found, the adoption of them as soon as possible is essential. For the team at NexGen Heating, their discovery of how to heat a building without burning gas, in a way that is more efficient than regular radiators and can be powered through green energy, opens the door to a brave new world of energy usage. Even the best heating doesn’t compare to the sun on your back on a warm summer’s day. The genius behind the team at NexGen Heating is finding a way of imitating the power of this incredible natural resource through various forms of technology. Using far-infrared radiant heating, the team have been able to take the international heating market by storm, offering a way of delivering delightful sunshine directly into homes and offices no matter what the time of year. It’s a revelation that has secured the firm as a provider of leading technologies of the future. With the UK Government announcing a ban on the installation of gas boilers by 2025, the solution proposed by NexGen Heating ensures that there is a viable alternative already on the market. More than simply heating a space, it heats in a way that is sustainable for many years to come. As a system that is powered entirely by electricity, it also means that as renewable sources feed the power grid, you are certain to live a life where every part is more sustainable than ever before. The benefits of working with far infrared technology are numerous. It does not circulate dust particles like conventional air heating systems, making it ideal for those who suffer from Best Heating Technology Company 2021 - UK allergies or asthma. Because heating is of solid objects as opposed to the air, NexGen is capable of drying damp walls, limiting the spread of mould. As with all new technologies, a whole new world of solutions has been uncovered. When compared to heating from a gas supply, NexGen offers a wealth of opportunities that simply cannot be matched. There is 57% less energy needed overall, with 64% less carbon emissions and an exciting 15% reduction in running costs. The arguments against turning to this new technology simply don’t exist. It represents a bold new future, not just for the NexGen team, but for Sep21350