Energy and Power Awards 2021

5 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 ISO Energy is the UK’s most experienced installer of renewable energy systems into properties considered hard to heat. Operating throughout England and Wales, it specialises in the consultation, design and installation of ground source heat pump systems and has installed well over a thousand in the days since it was formed in 2006. ISO Energy primarily focuses on domestic heating systems and helps people to move away from burning fossil fuels to heat their homes and provide hot water, its work ranging in scale from small cottages to massive National Trust stately homes like the Wimpole Estate. Considered the premier installer in the industry, ISO Energy’s engineering solutions are of the highest quality and use the best Scandinavian heat pump technology. It doesn’t buy cheap and that reflects in the quality of the installations it provides, recent innovations including the inverter driven compressor and internet connectivity for heat pumps. ISO Energy was formed in the first instance to bring top quality Scandinavian heat pump systems to the UK market. It quickly realised that it was one of very few companies at the time that knew how to get the technology to work in the UK climate. Since then, the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive schemes have rewarded early adopters of heat pump systems, adding growth to the market. ISO Energy has kept going whilst many other installers have fallen by the wayside due to poor practice, miss-selling and general boom and bust practices. However, the Renewable Heat Incentive is now coming to a close and the UK Government’s lack of clear policy has the entire industry in limbo. It is totally unclear as to how they expect to meet the 600,000 heat pumps a year target when the UK industry currently installs 37,000. Without a clear policy on renewable heat, investment in the industry is limited. ISO Energy along with the rest of the industry is now keenly waiting for the Government to publish their plans on how they intend to incentivise renewable energy uptake in the UK. This plan has been pushed back several times, making it hard Best Renewable Energy Installation Company 2021 – UK to attract investments. However, the company did survive as an organisation making sales before any incentives were available. Meanwhile, with heating services considered a critical industry, ISO Energy has been able to continue working throughout the pandemic. If anything, the business has grown as a result due to people considering home improvements whilst spending more time there. This growth is also shown through the company now making customer bookings into spring next year. And none of this would is possible without the outstanding team of people who make ISO Energy such a great place to work. It strives to keep its staff happy which in turn helps with overall productivity – its staff benefit from a selection of incentives including access to a gym onsite and rewards for long service. Additionally, the company is based in the Surrey countryside which is an environment great for wellbeing. The company is now hoping to expand from its offices in Surrey and Tewkesbury to open a new hub further north. Company: ISO Energy Ltd Contact: Edward Levien Email: Website: Sep21339