Energy and Power Awards 2021

6 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 achievements for this problem-solving firm, as well as the success of its many clients. As Apeiron brings “technical, commercial, advisory and digitalisation services” to each operation, it opens up an assortment of solutions for its many clients across the energy industry. Himadri explains, “Apeiron understand the challenge of climate change and we work with our clients to embed carbon optimisation in our technical and advisory solutions. Traditional way of appraising a project is to look at technical risks and project economics but we include carbon emission as one factor in any of the technical offerings. We also use digital technologies in achieving our goals.” Apeiron understands that climate change has made it more difficult to acquire and use fossil fuels. Himadri shares, “We want to work on our core strengths of evaluating oil and gas projects, but we ensure we provide the right technical solutions to either eliminate or minimize carbon footprint caused by these projects.” As energy prices have risen and investments have remained limited, Apeiron sees where energy companies can organise and develop themselves for a brighter future. “We have development expertise in Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, which is one of the vital solutions for Energy and other carbon emitting industries. Apeiron is also working with Data analytics and AI company to develop solution to identify carbon emission at operating facilities which can be further optimised and eliminated or reduced,” Himadri summarises. For the future, Apeiron plans on continuing to expand and operate the way that it has done even throughout such a difficult and trying time. Apeiron is also expanding its services to support Having developed a unique operating model that increases productivity and decreases service costs, Apeiron Management solves complex analytical problems that result in the right energy investments. Here we speak to Founder and Managing Partner Himadri Singh about this innovative company and what it does for the future of our planet. Apeiron Management has formulated its simple solutions for complex problems that help it to solve a plethora of issues for companies in the oil and gas industry. Its advisory service model supports its clients’ business functions from corporate, to technical, commercial, and financial. Its extensive knowledge maximises shareholder returns by “identifying business drivers which most influence value, reduce costs, and increase digitalisation,” says founder and Managing Partner Himadri Singh. Apeiron’s goal is to construct meaningful and respectful relationships with its clients so that they may find ease in achieving their business goals. Himadri tells us, “Our management and associates bring over 500 years of experience in oil and gas, process optimisation, cost reduction, and digitalisation to transform how we engage with clients.” Its incredible accumulative experience results in the greatest Best Energy Transition Strategy Consultancy 2021 Oct21486 its client in Carbon Capture & Storage and Geothermal projects. Things can only get better for this dedicated and committed company. Contact: Himadri Singh Company: Apeiron Management Web Address: Apeiron’s goal is to construct meaningful and respectful relationships with it’s clients so that they may find ease in achieving their business goals.