Energy and Power Awards 2021

7 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 Storm4 is a specialist GreenTech recruitment agency on a mission to solve the existing problem in the GreenTech space: attracting top talent to a maturing market. Storm4 focuses on the global GreenTech hubs: New York City, San Fransisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Singapore, and it is headquartered in London. This puts the company in a prime position to integrate with the culture and market to ensure a seamless journey from client call to placement. The energy market is at the cuff of revolution. Over 80% of the world’s energy is produced by burning coal, oil and gas, releasing billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and being the biggest driver of climate change. However, positive change is on the horizon as the phasing out of fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy has begun. Storm4 has swooped in to make this transition a reality by helping to build out innovative teams to drive the revolution. The pandemic has only accelerated the shift, as people around the world have made safety and sustainability a priority. As the world makes this shift away from fossil fuels, Storm4 partners with green revolutionaries at the cutting edge of renewable energy tech and clean innovations to accelerate a more sustainable tomorrow. Having secured $11m in funding since its inception in 2019, Storm4 is one of the only recruitment companies on the market which specialises only in GreenTech. Storm4 was launched as clean technology, energy and sustainability moved from the periphery to the centre of the global economy. As the world races to be climate-neutral by 2050, investment in Greentech has soared and the number of jobs has rocketed, making Storm4’s service vital to scale and accelerate a green economy. Partnering with innovative business across future mobility, clean energy, smart (grid, metering, water and home), energy storage and decarbonisation, Storm4 prides itself on having a diverse team of industry experts connecting the very best senior GreenTech talent. Approaching recruitment from a different lens, Storm4 is unique in that each of its consultants is in the top 1% of recruiters in their specialism globally, working exclusively in the verticals of product, sales and marketing, DevOps and engineering, and data and analytics. Storm4’s expert internal talent team looks for high achievers with a competitive nature. Because it is not your typical recruitment agency, standards are higher, therefore it hires people with the same mindset as the business: to be the best. A big focus in the hiring process is understanding applicants’ ‘whys’. With 700 other recruitment agencies based in London, the dealbreaker question of ‘why do you want to succeed?’ gauges the applicant’s investment into the Storm4 vision and whether their values and motivations align to the company’s own. This has meant that the current team are the top 1% of recruiters in their market. Storm4’s internal culture is competitive, with leader boards surrounding the office and incentives running monthly, and it celebrates every possible win. This keeps the team motivated and driven to consistently perform to their best. To keep everyone engaged, Storm4 is a big advocate for personal development and team building activities such as ‘Lunch and Learns’ and Friday Lunch Club for overachievers. The company’s values are ‘Honesty, Performance and Responsibility’ and these are lived and breathed by everyone, every day. Alongside having a top team, Storm4 prides itself on using the most advanced and efficient tech stack in the industry. Software such as Cube9 is pioneering in understanding the company’s internal metrics and pulling reports to track performance, as well as Bullhorn being the market leader in recruitment software, used as its primary database. Its consultants have access to the very best software to enable them to perform their jobs with the utmost efficiency and speed. Looking towards next year, Storm4 will be opening its latest office in Dallas, hiring over 50 specialist consultants to continue to scale pioneering GreenTechs on a mission to safeguard the future of the planet. Alongside the existing 270 consultants, across three international offices, this makes Storm4 the fastest growing recruitment business in the world. Company: Storm4 Contact: Kayleigh Bottomley Email: Website: Sep21399 Best Renewable Energy Recruitment Firm 2021 - UK