Energy and Power Awards 2021

8 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 The art of innovation, which the Water Fuel Engineering team have excelled at, has seen the team change their approach from which is purely based on power and energy to once which encompasses the cutting-edge of the medical industry. With such incredible capacity at their fingertips, it’s little wonder that the firm has been able to thrive both now and long into the future. Company: Water Fuel Engineering Name: Angel Nenov Email: With over a decade of expertise, Water Fuel Engineering has been able to transform the field of oxy-hydrogen electrolysis. Recognised before in SME News for their achievement, 2021 sees us celebrate their astonishing achievements once again in the Energy and Power Awards 2021. We profile the firm to find out more. In 2013, the team at Water Fuel Engineering started their company with the dream of reducing exhaust emissions of contemporary vehicles. This field of research focused on in the process of creating oxy-hydrogen gas through autonomous alkaline electrolysers. This incredible technology, made by the team, splits distilled water into the component elements of hydrogen and oxygen, releasing the combined gaseous mixture called Oxy-Hydrogen. The team’s focus on the environmental allows them to use Oxy-Hydrogen within combustion research. When added to conventional vehicles, this gas improves the natural processes involved in the internal combustion engine. Naturally, this has ensured that the team’s focus has remained for the most part on the automotive sector. When it comes to maintaining the high standards they have set, there can be no compromise in what they produce. The business began to shift direction in 2019, focusing on the various health benefits associated with Oxy-hydrogen. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this part of the business considerably, with many looking to unique and innovative solutions that could accelerate the recovery from the pandemic. Research has shown that there is a positive health impact of oxy-hydrogen inhalation in the treatment of Covid-19, along with a range of other significant health conditions and diseases. This new type of therapy can relieve oxidative stress and reduce inflammation significantly, two major challenges that can affect people who have longer-term COVID-19 symptoms. The use of hydrogen is not common within the Best Environmental Engineering R&D Company 2021 & Recognised Leaders in Oxy-Hydrogen Applications Western world, but has a wealth of different purposes when used in the sphere of medicine. The team have developed a unique autonomous electrolyser specifically for use in hydrogen inhalation therapies. The electrolyser generates oxy-hydrogen on precisely the right scale for medical use. Health problems such as tissue damage and disfunction, diabetes, heart disease and cancer all have the potential to be transformed through the use of hydrogen inhalation therapy, and it has even been approved by the WHO as a method of effectively alleviating symptoms of COVID-19. Over 170 human diseases can been controlled through the use of hydrogen therapies. By keeping their minds open, the team have been able to thrive despite the challenges of the day. Oct21752 Water Fuel Engineering