Energy and Power Awards 2021

9 | Energy & Power Awards 2021 Lowering the cost of your utility prices is no easy task, but the team behind The Energy Desk (UK) Ltd make it look easy. Since 2006, they have offered a range of services that find solutions to improve a business’s utility costs. We take a closer look at this incredible organisation following their enviable achievement in the SME News’ Energy and Power Awards 2021. Businesses are always on the lookout for the best option for their utilities, but finding the right option at the right time is an enormous challenge. When T.E.D was founded, it was designed to offer an end-to-end energy management service, with the option of gearing a business towards improved utility costs. Their array of options covered full energy management software, combined heat & power generation as well as solar panelling to name but a few. No matter what the business, whether it is leisure, care, retail or health, the T.E.D team are able to offer the best possible utility prices, carefully adapted to suit the specific needs of the company. Because T.E.D and its incredible team have built up an exceptional network of industry contacts, they are able to operate without bias. With no previous affiliation, the only aim of the T.E.D team is to submit the best possible tendered price on behalf of their clients. Because T.E.D is an end-to-end management solution, the team deal with procurement and all major gas and electricity suppliers, as well as acting as an aggregator for several agencies, businesses and brokerages. The companies that work within the energy industry change over time, but T.E.D has remained constant since its inception. The core values of the business have also remained consistent, although energy reduction and management have become more important factors in recent years. Key to the team’s success has been the way in which they have not simply reacted to the change in demand, but have directed it. T.E.D has been at the forefront of the industry, developing proprietary energy management software and combining both old and new technology to create something that best fits. Best Independent Energy Management Company 2021 & SME Excellence Award for Business Energy Solutions The energy market in the UK has recently entered a period of crisis, with a perfect storm of circumstances leading to an extraordinary hike in prices. Often the rising prices that T.E.D has to deal with are not related to regional decisions, but the team continue to strive to provide the most competitive prices to their customers. While the circumstances are unique, the current market is in a constant state of flux as providers try to become carbon neutral. While the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the demand from businesses for electricity, the sheer flexibility of their plans means that they have been able to use technology to create a ‘hybrid’ work dynamic. The move to online solutions, using digital signatures and documentation services, has allowed the team to move in a more agile fashion that is incredibly important when considering how quickly utility prices can change. When it comes to offering the perfect energy solution, T.E.D offers clients incredible flexibility that always goes above and beyond. In this sector, businesses can struggle to find a bespoke solution that allows them to thrive. The remarkable success of T.E.D in the Energy and Power Awards reflects not only the amazing demand for their services, but their astonishing achievement over the last fifteen years. Company: The Energy Desk (UK) Ltd Web Address: Sep21801 The Energy Desk (UK) Ltd