Family Business Awards 2022

4 | Family Business Awards 2022 Lune Valley Pods has undergone an impressive transformation over the last (almost) two decades. From a timber building manufacturing company to the premier camping pod producer in the UK, Lune Valley Pods has grown on the back of innovation and a dedication to quality. However, throughout it all, the company has remained – at its core – family driven and family oriented. We spoke to Lune Valley Pods’ Sam Westworth to find out more. From the producer of timber buildings to the creator of luxury camping pods, Lune Valley Pods seems almost, in hindsight, a natural progression. Yet, this overlooks the talent behind the company, and the impressive, industry leading quality that the team dedicate themselves to every day and every project, as Sam explains. “Lune Valley Pods has evolved since 2003 from a timber building manufacturer to become the premier camping pod producer in the UK. Our family business, having produced timber buildings, saw a gap in the market for what we once called a “wooden tent”. This concept had a distinctive arch shape, which remains a key feature of all our designs as they have evolved into larger and more bespoke living and working spaces for personal use and the glamping industry. “Our values are heavily customer based and therefore they are at the centre of our evolution, we are constantly listening and learning from them. The internal culture of Lune Valley Pods is Transparent, Progressive and Motivating. All our staff are qualified or on an apprentice scheme to ensure all finishes are to the highest quality. In terms of sales staff, they are provided with adequate training and resources to ensure the best customer service can be provided. When recruiting staff, we look for hardworking individuals, with self-drive and motivation. This reflects the brand image by ensuring that the business values which come through from the family business aspect are at the forefront of our process”. As a family business through and through, Lune Valley Pods benefits from the team’s shared values, commitment and stability. Here Sam takes a moment to comment on the benefits of having a different perspective and disagreements, “I don’t think there is any family run business that could say that there are no disagreements, but different ideas and opinions are what have formed the business and helped it grow and continues to do so as it is today.” Best Bespoke Timber Building Company 2022 Today, Lune Valley Pods is continuing to grow, capitalising on a growing trend towards luxury glamping options and ‘staycations’. “Trends within the Glamping Pod industry are currently the increasing standard of luxury, more and more we are seeing and receiving requests for bigger and better. From en suite bathrooms, smart TV’s and most recently we had a request for a separate dressing room complete with a Hollywood mirror within one of our pods. Specifically, within the UK, I believe following the pandemic with ‘Staycations’ becoming more popular we have seen a development in pods in general, such as our Mega Bunker Pod. Where pods may previously have been aimed at Couples as a nice get away, whole families are looking to stay in them and with the development of our Mega Bunker this is possible.” Company: Lune Valley Pods Name: Sam Westworth Email: Web Address: Address: Lune Valley Pods Ltd, Unit 2, Heysham Business Park, Middleton Road, Heysham, LA3 3PP May22673