Finance Awards 2019

12 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Citygate Accountants Ltd: Best Business Advisory & Tax Planning Firm – London & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence - London When it comes to dealing with taxes and accounting, some small and medium businesses can find themselves bogged down in the mire of paperwork and unending lists of figures. Helping businesses navigate the murky waters of taxes, discover why award-winning firm Citygate Accountants have been recognised in SME News for their outstanding work and client service excellence. Nobody likes doing their taxes. According to Benjamin Franklin, it is the only certain thing in life, other than death. Businesses don’t want to be stuck doing paperwork; they would rather be doing what they are set up to do. Delivering for customers or clients, and doing what they are good at. On hand to help is London- based firm Citygate Accountants, offering a large and comprehensive suite of accounting, business advisory, and tax planning services. Serving businesses all over London and England as a whole, Citygate Accountants are a firm of financial accountants based in East London that provide services which are friendly and personable. Understanding that modern businesses are affected by a myriad of financial issues, the team of experts are always reliable for delivering the best possible service and advice. A key part of what separates Citygate Accountants from their competitors is their level of personability, and willingness to learn more about every business they work alongside. More than just employing a one-size-fits-all solution that can leave businesses feeling short-changed, this firm work closely with their clients to ensure a deeper understanding on what drives the business. By understanding that, the firm can then begin to identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to capitalise on strengths and bolster weaknesses. Tax and finance can be a tricky maze to navigate, and it can be very easy to get stuck in the complexities of the system. Citygate Accountants don’t want that for their clients, always going the extra mile to ensure that everyone is crystal clear on all aspects of the service moving forward. Using concise language that is free of jargon, the expert team of accountants cut through the noise and confusion to explain accountancy and taxation issues in easy-to-understand terms. Clients of Citygate Accountants range from sole traders and partnerships, to limited companies, individual taxpayers, and charities. For all of their clients, and their distinct financial needs, the firm work to improve areas such as bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, payroll, financial planning, financial outsourcing, and company formation, as well as offering business plans and business consultancy. It isn’t simply accounting and taxation services that the firm can help with; the work can begin even before the client has a business. As well as their award-winning tax services, Citygate Accountants are also renowned for their business advisory work. Clients can come to the firm with a business idea, and the team will help make it a reality. Making key decisions on infrastructure, developing business plans, assessing financial requirements, and keeping on top of accounting necessities are just some of the ways in which this firm can help get new start-ups up and running. Accountancy may be getting easier thanks to digital developments, but the services of Citygate Accountants are unmatched in their client service excellence. Working to gain a deeper understanding of what each business needs, this firm of personable and friendly accounting experts are on hand to help UK businesses deal with taxes and get back to doing what they do best. Contact Details: Company: Citygate Accountants Ltd Contact: Rashed Ahmed Website: