Finance Awards 2019

15 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Scottish firm Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd. is on hand to help first-time buyers and seasoned veterans with their financial needs. One incredibly dedicated professional, Neil Gallagher, has been named the Scottish Mortgage Adviser of the Year for 2019. Join us as we profile his remarkable work to learn more about his achievements and enduring success. Scottish Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2019: Neil Gallagher Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd. Navigating the real estate and mortgage markets can be a daunting prospect for anyone, be they first- time buyers or seasoned veterans looking to move home or remortgage. Offering independent financial advice to clients across a wide range of areas, Phil Anderson Financial Services was founded in 2011 with the vision of becoming Northern Scotland’s number one financial advisory firm. Phil Anderson Financial Services work in a myriad of complex financial areas that often require the deftest of touches and most sensitive staff members. Offering advice on investments, pensions, savings, mortgages, and insurance amongst others, the staff work with clients of all financial states, and offer a competitive range of products to suit every individual need and circumstance. With a team of incredibly hard- working individuals all committed to making Phil’s vision a reality, one stands out among the rest; Neil Gallagher. He joined the firm over 6 years ago. Neil’s expertise within the legal and financial services sectors has served as the perfect foundation for him joining the team at Phil Anderson Financial Services. Able to transform the financial and legal jargon into easily-digestible and understandable content for real estate novices, Neil can make any experience a pain-free and enjoyable one for his clients. Boasting excellent communication skills and confident client interaction, Neil is the perfect person for clients to work with when purchasing, financing, or remortgaging a property. He is outstanding at anticipating, identifying and listening to client needs, before proceeding to deal with any concerns in a rational, sympathetic and objective manner. Neil’s ability to calmly deal with any situation and give the client peace of mind is unmatched within the industry. When not dealing with his clients in a professional and friendly manner, Neil’s office skills also leave nothing to be desired. Capable of utilising a wide variety of IT packages to their fullest potential, he is adept at crafting captivating presentations, intelligently storing important documents, and working to tight deadlines. Not just a brilliant independent mind, Neil is also a valued team member, bringing outstanding qualities to the professional environment at Phil Anderson Financial Services. Having earned a certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice from The London Institute of Banking and Finance, Neil is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance his knowledge and provide a better service to his clients. Understanding all the options available to him and his clients, Neil constantly goes above and beyond in his pursuit of securing the best possible options for whoever he is working alongside. Knowing that every client is unique, and so is their financial situation, Neil’s flexibility and ability to unearth the perfect solution for each client cannot be overstated. His willingness to explore all the options and compare them to ensure the right one is found is hugely beneficial for clients who are inexperienced in the real estate, financial and legal proceedings of mortgaging and remortgaging. From helping with credit rating, to mortgage applications, to constant jargon-free communication, Neil’s work as part of Phil Anderson Financial Services is well above and beyond what any mortgage adviser is expected to do. Friendly and approachable, Neil’s five-star service is well deserving of his award-winning success as the Scottish mortgage adviser of the year. Company: Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd. Contact: Neil Gallagher Website: