Finance Awards 2019

18 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Taking cyber-security seriously is essential in this age of continual innovation. For some companies, it can be the first thing to fall by the wayside in the drive for new and exciting developments. For METCloud, the growth of cyber-security must run in tandem with the growth of technology companies. We profiled them to find out more. Leading Innovators of Financial Cybersecurity Platforms 2019 METCloud Launched in 2017, METCloud has grown incredibly quickly over the past few years. Offering a comprehensive platform of sophisticated cyber- defences and services to match the needs of today’s clients, METCloud are now being used by an increasing number of organisations in the Financial Services, Banking and Insurance sectors. At METCloud, the team works on the principle that every person and organisation, wants to feel safe from harm. As such, the firm’s intention is to provide organisations a safer environment to do business, whilst simultaneously protecting its employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders from the negative impact of a cyber-attack and or data breach. To facilitate this goal, METCloud have ensured that their clients have the ability to engage securely with their software. It is built on the highest levels of cyber- security technologies available. Additionally, the on-boarding framework ensures that no matter how technically complex the migration of customers systems get, a positive outcome can be achieved by systems architects and professional services teams. This focus on making sure that clients are satisfied with their services is critical to the success of METCloud. All departments on every level from technical to sales to finance are customer facing. This means that training must be provided to ensure that a positive culture is created that reflects the excellent experience customers must receive. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback on how they have been treated which is reviewed by management. Annual audits ensure the quality of services provided. A high quality of customer service and support is matched by quality of product, and METCloud works on implementing the highest standards, underpinned by internationally recognised standards such as ISO27001 and ISO9001, to name just two. This proactive search for certification and compliance not only gives customers the peace of mind and trust in the firm, but it also motivates METCloud to push forward and reach the highest standards they can easily achieve. These high standards mean that METCloud can hold its own in an already crowded market. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of technologies and companies offering protection in various aspects of cyber-security. The crowded eco-system can muddle companies looking for effective production, with different groups offering different solutions to anti-virus protection, firewall protection and encryption to name but a few. To the business community, it can be hard to find a partner you can trust. METCloud was developed to address this problem for organisations and offers a platform that addresses all these requirements. METCloud simplifies this challenge and addresses the complexities of developing a robust cyber defence. The firm’s clients benefit from an enterprise technology stack supported by both network operation centre services (NOCaaS) and security operation centre services (SOCaaS). Looking forward, METCloud is partnering with global partners who are investing billions of dollars in research and development, with the firm personally investing significantly in artificial technology to improve the identification and remediation of cyber-threats. It’s important to continue to invest in this technology due to cyber-threat evolving daily. By partnering with the best manufacturers and recruiting the best talent, it ensures that the team at METCloud are ahead of the curve. Alongside expanding their team, METCloud are hoping to further grow their business not only in the UK, but also internationally in 2020. With the support from their key technology partners, by 2025 METCloud could have a global footprint and be a major brand that is synonymous for excellence in cyber security services and innovation. Ultimately, METCloud is clearly on the up, with the possibility of becoming a UK Unicorn company if it continues to expand at its current speed. Although it is still early days, this growing company has a bright future ahead of it as it revolutionises the cyber security market and provides clients with truly pioneering support and solutions. Contact: Amanda Jukes Company: METCloud Website: Telephone: 0121 227 0730