Finance Awards 2019

22 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Everyone has something to their name. Whether it’s savings, investments, rental properties or more, it can be hard to work out how best to manage all the disparate groups to best suit your outgoings. This is the strength of Capital Financial Consultants, as if offers an individual look at your finances and bespoke opinion on where to go next. We profiled them to find out more. Best Financial Planning Firm - England & Wales & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence - England & Wales Capital Financial Consultants (UK) Ltd Established in 1999, Capital Financial Consultants have gained twenty years of experience, and their advisors have gained over thirty in the sector of financial planning. The guiding principle behind Capital Financial Consultants is the retention of clients, building long term relationships and being able to match their financial needs as they change through their lives. Offering a face-to-face planning service to clients ranging from individuals to corporations to high net worth clients, Capital Financial Consultants keep their clients from straying into troubled waters and guide them out if they stray. A fundamental belief for the staff at Capital Financial Consultants is the principle of protection. This protection is applied to financial goals primarily, as a sudden loss of money can destroy a person. The team will advise you and protect your current dreams and aspirations based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. This covers everything from buying a new car, to allowing space in your finances for a new child in the family. This ensures that no matter what happens, it does not negatively affect your life too dramatically. Ensuring adequate protection in the event of death, becoming critically ill, or if you could not go to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment are the most important factors that are considered when the qualified team offer advice. The service is tailored to match a client’s individual needs and requirements, and to provide confidential professional advisory service of the highest standard. The team at Capital Financial Consultants focus on six different areas. These are mortgages, protection, investments, pensions fund, commercial mortgages and general insurance. Investments and mortgages are areas they spend a lot of time in, with mortgages being what is likely to be the largest financial commitment made in a lifetime. To this end, with a large range of mortgage products out there of different types to suit different people, Capital Financial Consultants will happily find an advisor to make a recommendation having assessed a client’s needs. This personal service applies to the other services offered too. Investments are slightly different, positioned as they are in a volatile position that is liable to change. In a world of low interest rates, achieving an investment return that meets your expectations may prove challenging. Even in an economy with higher interest rates, such as those seen during the 1980s, the impact of tax and high inflation can work against savers too, combining to diminish the buying power of cash. Generating good investment returns has never been a simple matter and investing money requires careful consideration with detailed consideration of the risks involved. There are few firms better positioned to give you a detailed idea of the potential problems and successes involved than Capital Financial Consultants. Cutting through the possible complexity of financial advice and planning, Capital Financial Consultants offer a straight-forward service that serves their clients well over the length of their lives. Offering a range of consultancy opportunities, there is no better firm to put your trust into than Capital Financial Consultants. Contact: Jatish Pindolia Company: Capital Financial Consultants (UK) Ltd Website: Telephone: 020 8424 9442 Capital Financial Consultants (UK) LTD Financial Planning Consultants