Finance Awards 2019

33 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 In April 2013, a new chapter began at ERGO Insurance, with the establishment of a UK branch. With the aim of strengthening the presence of the company in the UK and Ireland, ERGO appointed Dirk Neimann to oversee the implementation of this new structure. Six years later, we took a closer look at this award-winning provider of Insurance MGA to find out more about this experienced firm. Insurance MGA Capacity Provider of the Year 2019 ERGO Vers UK Branch: interact with local and direct decision leads natur- ally to even better service. This includes the building of a strong London Market and UK and Ireland market presence, especially MGAs, brokers and re-insurers, which can provide insights into international direct insurance business for the larger group. When it comes to matching this firm for under- writing ability, there is none finer. Approved to transact almost all classes of insurances in the UK and Ireland, as well as the provision of licensing throughout the European Union, ERGO has an immense scope for operation. The Commercial team is well established in providing delegated unwriting authority to selected agencies for nearly 15 years, while Account Managers and the head of underwriting manage all aspects of the relationship with clients to achieve sustainable, profitable, technical results that successfully safeguard compliance. This focus on clients and underwriting means that the relationships the company maintains are longstanding, built on trust and loyalty to the brand. ERGO pay close attention to claims developments and actuarial results, to make sure that clients are in the best possible position to make the most from these positions. As clients reward ERGO with strong performances, this success allows the company to show a strong balance sheet to the group at large. Building up a strong team is key to managing and maintaining a company like ERGO, and there are several graduates who are focused on suc- cession within the team. An emphasis on passing down knowledge from generation to generation means that the high quality of service to clients that has already been achieved can remain at the same level, if not higher, as new people join the team. Working with the changing market to best serve the core of the business, ERGO intends to drive growth through digitalisation and new product development guided by their market leading stable of underwriters and claims solution. This, of course, will not affect their determination to be best in class when it comes to MGA capacity providers. For all the change in the air, ERGO is perfectly adapted for where the market currently is, and rapidly adjusting for where the market will be in the future. The ability to apply local knowledge through its global partners has allowed the company to thrive uniquely in the market place. Currently able to provide its clients with market leading solutions, ERGO will endeavour to continue this practice for the foreseeable future. Contact Details Contact: Dirk Niemann Company: ERGO Vers UK Branch Web Address: Telephone: 0203 003 7441 The growing needs of corporate clients and brokers in the UK, Ireland and London markets meant that it was simplicity itself to grow a strong business off the back of a strong reputation. For some clients, the ability to strengthen an insurance panel with a financially strong, professional insurer is extremely appealing. ERGO offers clients both this, and the added potential for a stronger partnership with clients committing both parties to a long-term engagement. Part of one of the world’s leading insurance groups, Munich Re, ERGO is an experienced provider of primary insurance and related services. Able to provide insurances in matters that require innovative, flexible and tailored solutions, ERGO have the advantage being able to pull in resources from other aspects of the worldwide organisation such as useful market intelligence, while still offering a personal service to loyal clients. They benefit from having a permanent UK base, able to © ERGO © ERGO