Finance Awards 2019

5 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 by recommendation or the discovery of a stand-out individual who could be an asset to the company. Covering areas that are not only scientific, but also investiga- tive and offering high levels of customer service, finding the right fit for a company like Engineering Forensics can be difficult. Alexander explains more about how they choose the perfect candidate. ‘We have developed a rigorous interview technique, which is intended to identify the required skill sets. We promote a positive work-life- balance. Our staff are free to manage their work-load. This, coupled with the variety of work we undertake, is highly appealing.’ The future is looking bright for Engineer- ing Forensics, having established itself quickly as one of the best in the business. With expansion in its sights, it seems that Alexander and his team must only continue doing what they do best to be an enormous success. Contact: Alexander Wildish Company: Engineering Forensics Website: Telephone: 07555 899 508