Finance Awards 2019

8 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Home refurbishments can be a tricky thing to finance, with daily living costs and so much more taking centre stage when payday rolls around. However, that doesn’t have to be the end of the road. A self-proclaimed next-generation lender, Mint Bridging are changing perceptions around short-term loans with their excellent financial solutions. With more than a hundred years of collective lending experience working at the firm, Mint prides itself on providing fair lending rates for borrowers and their unique circumstances. Every lender wants to do something different with their home, and every home is distinctly unique as well; so why offer a one-size-fits-all loan? Instead, this privately-run business offer handcrafted, individually-structured short-term loans that range between £100,000 to up to £5 million for up to eighteen months. Formed in 2011, the company has since lent financial support to borrowers in almost every scenario. But rather than measure their levels of success on how much they have lent and received back, Mint know that their true success lies in establishing relationships with brokers and borrowers alike. Building and nurturing those relationships can help to find the right property financial solution at the first attempt, with fair and competitive prices so that clients know exactly what it will cost them from the start. The breadth of financial solutions available at Mint are designed to help clients with any number of borrowing needs. Whether it be funding a purchase, refinancing a mortgage, or gathering enough money to cover the cost of complete renovation or expansion. Thanks to the team’s extensive experience within the arena of property finance, staff at Mint are able to see things from the borrower’s perspective and offer advice that is both practical and in the clients’ best interests. Due to the fact that Mint is completely funded privately, the firm boasts the ability to be flexible with their commercial decision-making, free from the restrictions that are often courtesy of bank funders. Available all through the week, because a home is still a home on the weekend, the team at Mint Bridging are able to deal with all enquiries Best Bridging Finance Company 2019 and offer access to a plethora of property finance specialists. Mint offer three major loan packages; Prime and Standard Bridging, Refurbishment Loans, Development Finance, and a series of specialist finance loans for things such as re-bridging, auctioning, and commercial property purchases. Prime Bridging is designed for the more experienced and finance-savvy investor; someone who is looking to finance residential investment opportunities that are of a higher-than-average value. Standard Bridging however, was created for borrowers who simply wish to purchase or refinance a residential property. Whether seeking to simply renovate a few rooms in a house, or radically change the structural integrity of a property, the series of Refurbishment Loans from Mint are the perfect way to do. With Light, Medium, and Heavy packages available, the firm are ideally positioned to help with any property finance when it comes to refurbishment. And finally, the Development Finance package; perfectly suited for experienced property developers or housebuilders looking to fund their next development. Refurbishing or updating a property can be a costly affair, but it doesn’t need to be. Mint’s solutions are designed to be bespoke, helping each client in the way that suits them best for their specific project. Using innovative thinking and purposeful determination in their drive to offer clients the very best, it is no wonder that Mint have become one of the best bridging finance com- panies working across the United Kingdom today. Company: Mint Bridging Contact: Leann Baines Website: Mint Bridging: