Finance Awards 2020

10 | Finance Awards 2020 feel it is necessary, which often helps bring clarity to my clients in terms of them really understanding their skills, strengths, wants and needs in a way they haven’t considered before. I don’t generally speak in terms of having a USP but, if asked, I would say it is the consultation process that I have developed. Clients often tell me the consultation provided equal value as the more tangible outcome of the new CV they received. I work with clients in almost every industry, including Finance, Banking, FinTech, Retail, Manufacturing, Service Industries and Construction. 2020 was undoubtedly a strange year for most businesses in one way or another, with some sectors hit particularly hard during the global pandemic. Through my work I gain invaluable business insight across a broad spectrum through the eyes of my clients; I have been surprised and delighted to hear of numerous success stories, with businesses not only surviving, but thriving. Approximately 95% of my Executive clients secured new roles last year, even throughout both lock-downs. I’m not pretending things aren’t tough, but I do see some really encouraging signs as we move forward in 2021. I always consider myself lucky to be doing a job that I absolutely love. This year I’m feeling even luckier as, not surprisingly, I have been busier than ever. As I look towards 2021, I’m expecting more of the same and I am truly thankful for that. Company: Phoenix True Potential Ltd. Contact: Judith Phoenix-Meese Mobile: 07939 351119 Telephone: 0115 946 2929 Website: LinkedIn: judithphoenixmeese-executivecvwriter Skype: judith.phoenix.meese Words by Judith Phoenix Meese of Phoenix True Potential Ltd. Through my business, Phoenix True Potential Ltd, I offer 3 core services – Executive CV Writing, LinkedIn Profile-Writing and Career & Transition Coaching. These can be taken-up by my clients as stand-alone services, but it is more typical for them to be combined. This is particularly true with CV Writing and Coaching which can be blended seamlessly and can collectively pack quite a punch! I have been running my business since 2005, including a rebrand along the way. While my services have evolved over the last 15 years, my values have remained the same. I’m someone with high integrity and a focus on delivering a quality service; but I don’t class these as my values as such. I consider my core value to be the intent to make a difference. I think this phrase can be somewhat over-used these days, but for me it is genuinely at the heart of my business and I believe it is the reason so much of my business is by referral and recommendation – because of the outcomes I deliver. Judith Phoenix-Meese: Best Executive CV Writer & Career Coach 2020 The vast majority of my clients are Senior Executives in SMEs and large Corporates. Although they all come to me in need of a CV which will position them appropriately for a particular role or change of career direction, the underlying reasons can vary enormously. In order for me to create a CV which truly reflects the value my client can bring to a company, this requires some very detailed questioning and exploration; my consultations are lengthy and involve a great deal more than simply discussing the nature of each role on the current CV. I challenge where I “I’m someone with high integrity and a focus on delivering a quality service; but I don’t class these as my values as such. I consider my core value to be the intent to make a difference.” Nov20093