Finance Awards 2020

12 | Finance Awards 2020 Sector-agnostic, Tatton works across a wide range of technologies. From sensors in Formula 1, to packaging made out of seaweed. Advanced manufacturing technologies to drone-based crop disease detection. Tatton has secured funding for over 250 UK SMEs, helping them to innovate and grow. Tatton is also now recognised as the official Grant Partner to a number of high-profile technology incubators, venture funds and growth initiatives across the UK. All in all, it’s no surprise that Tatton Consulting continues to be such a tremendous success. The team’s hard work and passion for the ever-changing arena of grants really shines through and sets an example for other companies to follow. We’re sure that Tatton’s client-focused approach will only continue to serve as a competitive advantage in the years to come. Contact: Mark Clayton, Lewis Needham, Martin Solly Company: Tatton Consulting Ltd Website: Email: Despite the challenges businesses faced in 2020, Tatton Consulting continues to lead the way in the world of grants and funding. Passionately supporting SMEs to innovate and develop new technologies, Tatton has won over £45 million in grants for a wide range of clients. The team is growing and turnover has doubled - Tatton is a company right at the top of its game in 2021. Formed in June 2014, Tatton Consulting quickly established itself as one of the leading experts in UK and EU grant funding. With an everburgeoning base of high-profile clients and innovative technologies funded over the past 15 years, it now sits firmly at the top of the industry. Tatton has become the go-to consultancy in the UK for grant funding. Tatton is able to combine its many years of experience with a fresh outlook on the industry. The team has a strong belief in doing things differently to its competitors. A unique, relationships-first approach For example, rather than focussing on one-off applications or quick wins, Tatton’s emphasis lies on building long and trusted relationships with its clients. A highly-effective approach beneficial to all involved in the application process, with proven success. By really getting to know and understand their clients, Tatton can look across a company’s entire project pipeline. This allows them to spot opportunities others can’t, using this knowledge to create a timetable of funding applications. An approach that gives their clients the best chances of success. Another benefit of their deep client relationships, Tatton’s process is both transparent and straightforward. The focus is on ensuring every step is clear, the client’s input is optimised and the overall pathway to grant funding is easy to follow. Ultimately, it’s this tried and tested procedure that has enabled Tatton to win over £45 million in equity-free, interest-free and repayment-free funding for its clients. Unrivalled insight, experience & expertise The company has an expert team of grant writers with over 30 years’ experience – each within distinct specialist fields. These specialisms include Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainability and LowCarbon Technologies and Medical Devices and Digital Health, to name just a few. Best Grant Consultancy Firm 2020 Industry knowledge is vital within the grant writing team to help bring to the fore what assessors are really looking for in a grant application. A successful project needs to be innovative in its nature with outputs that demonstrate a strong wider benefit beyond the company itself. A good grant application is therefore part-technical document and part-storytelling. Grants are extremely competitive, so getting this delicate balance right is key to winning applications. Tatton’s writers are adept at crafting this perfectly balanced narrative, as demonstrated by the company’s enduring success. The recipe for funding success Each application can take up to 200 hours to produce and clients need to make sure they’re eligible to apply, which includes having the resources to part-fund the projects themselves. Tatton provides a free eligibility check service to ensure a project is suitable before either party spends too long on an application. Again, Tatton’s experience and expertise are vital in assessing eligibility and – of course – potential for success. As to be expected when dealing with taxpayer’s money, the process of winning funding is both complex and comprehensive. Applications are time-consuming and competitive. All the more reason, then, to work with an expert. And it’s fair to say Tatton is right up there with the very best. Offering flexible services and pricing to suit each client’s needs, Tatton has a success rate 6x higher than the UK average across all funding schemes. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better grants partner to work with. Refreshingly reassuring What’s more, Tatton is the only grants consultancy to offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee. This means after 12 months, if Tatton hasn’t won its client any funding, they’ll fully refund any fees paid. This confidence in their service – and peace of mind for their clients – is one of the key reasons Tatton has won this award. Oct20816