Finance Awards 2020

14 | Finance Awards 2020 much easier to identify those candidates who are passionate and make excellent colleagues by meeting them face-to-face, rather than through a meticulously crafted CV. The individuals at Tax Spot are what makes the firm successful, thus the strength and cooperation of its team is crucial. Whilst other accountants and bookkeepers have reported a broad spectrum of impacts of the ongoing pandemic for themselves and their clients, Tax Spot is seeing its own clients thriving, benefiting from greater income and growing their own businesses. As a result, Tax Spot has not had a late payment since the start of the lockdowns in March, where previously it had expected around 15% of its payments each month to be made late. For Valentina and her team, it is a sign of the appreciation of Tax Spot clients for their determined work over the past seven years and the added-value the firm has provided in the last few months in the form of free support videos released by Tax Spot throughout the pandemic. The priority for Tax Spot has been remaining a trusted partner to its network of clients, staying in close communication with regular updates to remind them of their reliable presence, even in unprecedented times such as these. With clients placing greater importance on saving money in 2021 than ever before, Tax Spot is expanding its resources to support these goals. The firm is launching its online school with downloadable electronic products on everything from how to do bookkeeping for oneself, VAT returns, Tax Returns and more. These resources were made available at the beginning of the year as part of Tax Spot’s continued ambition to help its clients achieve financial and, more importantly, personal success. Company: Tax Spot Group Contact: Valentina White Website: Tax Spot Group is a London-based accounting and bookkeeping company that seeks to change the way its clients manage and think about their money. Offering a wide range of services delivered effectively and efficiently, Tax Spot is able to help individuals and businesses optimise their taxes so that they can focus on the bigger picture of their personal or business development. Tax Adviser Valentina White tells us more. Based in two offices across West London, Tax Spot Group is an accountancy and bookkeeping firm that specialises in business solutions pertaining to the optimisation of business and personal taxes and HMRC penalty appeals, for which the firm has a staggering success rate of 98%. In seven years, Tax Spot has assisted more than 2000 clients with company formations, accounting and bookkeeping services, and tax advice and litigations, offering companies, individuals, contractors and self-employed professionals a one-stop service for all their tax and financial needs. However, Tax Advisor Valentina White seeks to go even further in supporting her clients: “We are unique in consulting clients on money management on a more profound level, which empowers the growth and development of clients’ mindsets and their businesses. We connect money to spirituality as well as materialism.” For Valentina and the team at Tax Spot, success is not found in blindly chasing wealth for survival, as the results are often exhaustion and stress instead. People should instead pursue the things they love and do the things they are passionate about, measuring their success not by the millions they have earnt throughout their life but by the way they live their lives and the relationships they establish with the people around them. For Tax Spot, the path to success is not defined by society’s template, but by learning and growing. That is how we can achieve personal and financial success. Tax Spot seeks to guide its clients along their chosen paths by providing its wide selection of services all under one roof, delivering excellence in its solutions to optimise company and personal taxes and guaranteeing strict quality control over Best Accounting & Tax Advisory Service - West London all services. Clients come to Tax Spot to find accountants and bookkeepers they can rely on to communicate with transparency and honesty. Whilst many accountants often miss out details or do not explain their processes fully, Tax Spot provides honest and full responses no matter the situation or complexity of an issue. Moreover, the Tax Spot team can guarantee success in HMRC penalty appeals, delivering positive outcomes safely and efficiently. It is no wonder that Tax Spot has accrued such a broad and loyal client base in just over five years. To maintain the culture of openness and excellence that Tax Spot has become synonymous with, the firm has built a team of individuals who share a desire for self-realisation and growth, and who are open, conscious, and content with their wellbeing and life. Tax Spot does not recruit based on CVs, finding that it is Oct20735