Finance Awards 2020

16 | Finance Awards 2020 of client objectives, needs, and requirements. As a company, TPC is wholly committed to providing appropriate client outcomes, and also ensuring that every client is treated fairly. With the client at the core of everything that the firm does and provides, it is essential that everybody is on the same page about where a client’s money is going. Ultimately, everybody wants to achieve financial stability in their life, and many spend their lives working towards that goal. Financial advice takes many forms for many different people, and that is why TPC ensures that its core values and services are built around getting to know a client before recommending a plan for them. This financial advisory firm is truly outstanding, and delivers everything it promises to clients. For that reason, it is fully deserving of this latest success in the UK Finance Awards 2020 from SME News Magazine. Company: Tavistock Private Client Ltd Contact: Mark Evans Website: When it comes to the world of FCA-regulated, independent financial advisory firms, there are few better working in England today than Tavistock Private Client, or TPC for short. Providing three dedicated services for its clients, the firm has built up a reputation for delivering the best financial advice around, and helping all manner of clients with their financial needs. As we take a look at the firm’s services in closer detail, discover the excellence that has caused it to achieve double award-winning success in this years’ UK Finance Awards 2020 from SME News Magazine. Since its inception, TPC has provided three dedicated services for its clients, including a full holistic independent financial advisory services for individual clients, employee benefits for corporate clients, and a simplified advice process that directly supports the employees of corporate clients through the employer benefits service. For individual clients, which includes couples and families, TPC collates objectives, resources, risk appetites, and capacity for loss to them compile detailed Cashflow Modelling and annual reviews that help maintain focus on client’s financial goals and objectives. Regardless of the client, TPC always works with an unshakeable dedication to its clients. The client is at the core of everything that the firm does, and everything it provides for them. As an independent financial advisory firm, TPC fully understands the responsibility that it has in advising and helping clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations. TPC is a firm that believes that the service it provides comes through trust and integrity, and lasts from the moment a working relationship is first established right through to looking after clients for many years into the future. Primarily, the firm provides equity release to assist clients with finances in later life, where a significant amount of wealth of tied up in their property. The firm uses this method of financing with tax efficiency in mind, where other assets such as pensions are balanced against inheritance. Facilitating inter-generational family wealth preservation and tax efficiency is at the top of TPC’s agenda, but the firm also arranges and Boutique IFA Firm of the Year – England & Most Outstanding in Tax Efficient Investing - England recommends Lifetime Mortgages, which can be used to provide a lump sum or to provide a tax-free drawdown income to support and augment other income streams in later life. Both equity release and lifetime mortgages are arranged by TPC’s specialist adviser in this field, who has gained accreditation and qualification in later life financial advice through the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). From a client perspective, there is an initial, complementary, no-obligation exploratory meeting with TPC that outlines the firm’s ethos, investment philosophy, overall proposition, and competitive fee structure. During this meeting, the client and company together ascertain the appropriate information based on their circumstances, requirements, and objectives, and the client’s appetite for risk, necessity for risk, and capacity for loss are all accounted for, which adds to the thorough process of getting to know the clients better. From there, a strategy report is prepared, issued, and reviewed alongside the client. With an agreed strategy in place, documentation is then prepared and a Suitability Report is then sent, outlining the formal client-specific recommendation. After a financial plan and advice has been implemented, TPC also provides a wealth of post-implementation services. Clients are granted access to a secure financial portal, where they can have secure communication with TPC at all times, as well as a secure and encrypted email. There are also annual client reviews that are aimed at confirming portfolio valuations and reaffirming or readjusting a client’s plans with the aid of cashflow planning, ensuring close scrutiny Nov20158