Finance Awards 2020

27 | Finance Awards 2020 Sestini & Co Pension Trustees Ltd was created to provide bespoke pension administration services to support individuals looking to take control of their retirement plans. As part of its Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator services, Sestini & Co provides services in SSAS that are delivered with market-leading and accessible client care, filling a gap for holistic support of clients that larger corporations cannot fill. As a result, Sestini & Co Pension Trustees is recognised as the Best Bespoke SSAS Administration & Trustee Services Provider at the UK Finance Awards 2020. Based in Bristol, UK, Sestini & Co Pensions Trustees Ltd is a leading provider of pension services that runs alongside its sister companies, Sestini & Co Tax Consultancy and Sestini Hayward SIPP Operations Ltd. Founded by Rachel Sestini and Samantha Hayward in 2017, Sestini & Co Pensions Trustees seeks to offer bespoke services in Professional Trustee and Scheme administration for SSAS Pensions. A SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) is a pension vehicle established under Trust and registered with HMRC, that provides a means of saving for pensions that runs in cohesion with a limited company and allows investment decisions to be made by fellow Trustees, who are also appointed scheme members. Already a fairly complex pension to manage and administer, the pensions industry implemented changes to the SSAS three years ago that, in Rachel and Samantha’s opinion, did not best serve the clients using the scheme. Moreover, larger SSAS companies were compounding the problem by not fully considering the implications of these changes and the complexity of the scheme for its clients. Rachel and Samantha sought to provide a countermeasure to the impersonal nature of these corporations, opening the pensions branch of Sestini & Co with their combined knowledge and experience to create a superior Professional Trustee service built around their clients. With a vision to provide holistic services to meet the individual needs of its clients, Sestini & Co Pension Trustees primarily focuses on ensuring that however the trustees decide to invest their pension funds, the pension scheme will continue to operate in a manner that optimises the growth of that fund, whilst still adhering to guidelines established by the HMRC. Best Bespoke SSAS Administration & Trustee Services Provider 2020 The focus on the needs and ambitions of clients is what has set Sestini & Co Pension Trustees primarily in the pensions industry since its inception. The team predominantly works with Company Directors who can relate to the staff at Sestini & Co, viewing them as partners and teammates. Sestini & Co knows all its clients by name, maintaining open channels of communication with them so that they are accessible at all times, and developing longstanding relationships that are so much more than transactional. Clients of Sestini & Co are able to manage their pensions and investments confident in the knowledge that the team is on hand to offer them as much support as they require, whenever they need. As such, Rachel and Samantha put a great deal of the firm’s success down to its people, who share core values of honesty, integrity and respect that shines through all of their work. By being flexible and approachable internally, the Sestini & Co team are able to exemplify these attributes externally too, creating an inclusive environment for clients and colleagues alike. Samantha and Rachel proudly signed the Women in Finance Charter from HM Treasury on behalf of Sestini & Co Tax Consultancy as one of the first signatories, and have since continued to champion workplace diversity and inclusivity every day. The challenges that 2020 presented to Sestini & Co like so many businesses around the world were unprecedented, yet Rachel and Samantha were delighted to see how well the team adapted to continue thriving. Having already been ardent believers in remote working and the work-life balance, Sestini & Co was able to remain on hand for its clients and continue delivering exceptional service which has been recognised by the award for Best Bespoke SSAS Administration & Trustee Services Provider at the UK Finance Awards 2020. Despite the adversity of the past year, Sestini & Co has seen its client base expand and its relationships with third parties such as banks and investment providers flourish, adding great value to the company. The team expects to see this growth continue into 2021, developing their qualifications and supporting new and existing clients, who have been so integral to the way Sestini & Co has shaped its business since its inception. As they make their retirement plans for the future, Sestini & Co will remain the trusted partner to clients with their best interests at heart. Company: Sestini & Co Pension Trustees Limited Contact: Samantha Hayward Website: Oct20736