Finance Awards 2020

32 | Finance Awards 2020 service to a new level. Wayne, Zeta and the team are developing systems for welcoming clients into the Zoo family, all designed to allow them to get the most from the services, right from day one. The process helps customers get up to speed, up to date, and make better, strategic decisions using real-time data. Company: Zoo Accounting & Business Solutions Ltd Contact: Wayne McCormack Web Address: When it comes to handling the issues of tax and business planning, a modern perspective can make life a lot easier for everyone involved. The team at Zoo Accounting & Business Solutions Ltd understand this better than most, providing a pioneering way forward for their clients. We take a closer look at this firm to discover some of the secrets of their success. For the last three and a half years, the team at Zoo Accounting have been leading the way in accounting, tax and business support. Serving a broad array of different clients, the team are determined to find ways of ensuring that their clients make as much profit as possible. The team have reached across the spectrum of businesses, providing essential assistance to oneman-bands and multi-million pound businesses alike. Not only are the team capable of supporting this impressive range of companies, they are able to provide services that range from simple statutory accounts through to a comprehensive system of accounting. Flexibility is what keeps the team in such demand, with bespoke solutions that generate a great deal of value. The innovative approach is one that pervades through the entire system that the team operates under. Staff are encouraged to relax and be part of the team at large. This creates a working environment in which the business can thrive. At the recruitment stage, this is examined as well as the skillset, with both aspects considered equally important. To complete the happy and modern atmosphere, all staff have access to private medical insurance, pension, and all food and drink while at work. Of course, the biggest challenge since opening the firm’s doors has been COVID-19, and during the first lockdown, the team spent a great deal of time ensuring that their clients were supported appropriately. A big part of this was communication, and daily emails provided a vital link between both parties. Thanks to Zoo Accounting, businesses were able to get everything they were entitled to from the government, and have been able to keep trading in these difficult times. Such was the Most Innovative Accounting & Business Consulting Firm 2020 - West Midlands success of the team, that new clients came to the firm. They had been left unsupported by their own accounting teams and needed the fresh perspective that Zoo Accounting was able to offer. It’s clear that the team at Zoo Accounting are doing something very right indeed. Their business has doubled in size year on year thanks to word of mouth and exceptional results. It cuts both ways for the firm. They are not only trusted by their clients to deliver the right results, they also trust their clients to support them when needed. This trust builds strong relationships on all sides, which has been a key part of the firm’s continued path to success. With such a successful year behind them, the team are looking to take their already impressive Nov20225