Finance Awards 2020

33 | Finance Awards 2020 Shawpoint provides investment banking for SMEs across Europe to support them in their growth or sale, providing services in raising debt, equity financing and advising on sale of businesses. Founded by entrepreneurs and investment bankers, Shawpoint knows what it takes to build a successful business and works closely with its clients to determine and achieve their goals. We take a closer look at Shawpoint to find out about their innovative approach to investment banking and business growth. Established by a team of entrepreneurs led by Managing Partner, Jon Shaw, Shawpoint helps other entrepreneurs and business owners to realise the value they have built in their SMEs. Through raising debt, equity financing and advising on sale of businesses, Shawpoint runs rigorous processes to sell or raise capital for the growth of those profitable businesses across Europe, as well as some listed companies. Funding exclusively from private sources rather than public markets for equity and debt, Shawpoint has built a reputation for tenacity and transparency that attracts clients from across the continent, without having to market itself. Shawpoint works with clients who have profits of anywhere between £0.5 million to £10 million per annum, operating in a broad range of sectors from energy and manufacturing to property and healthcare. The team of entrepreneurs and professionals at Shawpoint uses vast business insights to work closely with its clients to determine their end-goals, collaborating with them to develop their business to achieve successful growth. Shawpoint employs open-minded thinking, meticulous processes and structure to its business sale services to reach out to hundreds of potential acquirers or investors, outstripping its competition by utilising its growing network of more than a thousand corporate relationships to identify the ideal party to take on a business. As a result, Shawpoint boasts a portfolio of impressive business sale prices which includes over 40x (EBITDA) profit and 8x revenue. It is therefore unsurprising that Shawpoint has become a leading and trusted partner for SMEs looking to take the next step in its business plan, even throughout the pandemic. Just as its clients grow and evolve with the support and advice of Shawpoint, so too does Shawpoint with what it has learnt from its clients. In 2019, following a project that saw the firm Best SME Corporate Finance Advisory Firm 2020 advising a client with environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, Shawpoint made the transition to becoming carbon neutral, gaining the externally audited Environmental Management ISO 14001 accreditation in 2020. The team was delighted to add this accolade to its ‘Investors in People’ accreditation that it had been awarded the year before, marking the importance of Shawpoint’s highly valued team. The management and colleagues of Shawpoint have been acquired through conscientious recruitment processes that spend time finding team members who share the strong work ethic, empathy to understand clients and their businesses, and capacity to do the right thing, that is so integral to the firm’s culture. The result is a bright and proactive team that manages and supports its members on their own personal paths of development, in order to ultimately provide the best service to Shawpoint’s clients. The marketleading business sale statistics and continued reliance of its clients throughout the pandemic are true testament to the excellence that exists in the Shawpoint team. As its network of corporations and client businesses grows, Shawpoint does too, beginning with the recruitment of more talent to expand the team. The firm is also launching a new project in the year ahead, a service called the Shawpoint Forum which is designed to help younger companies in their earlier stages who may not yet by profitable to grow. Working in conjunction with Shawpoint’s existing investment banking corporate finance capabilities, the Shawpoint Forum will be the next exciting step in the firm’s ambitious path of growth and development for itself, and for its loyal clientele of new and established businesses alike. Company: Shawpoint Contact: Jon Shaw Website: Oct20734 Established by a team of entrepreneurs led by Managing Partner, Jon Shaw, Shawpoint helps other entrepreneurs and business owners to realise the value they have built in their SMEs.