Finance Awards 2020

34 | Finance Awards 2020 For their first year of operation, the team has had to react quickly in unprecedented times to work. With many in the industry acting as key workers, the team has been able to open its office in Bath, alongside the implementation of digital processes. Having started like this put the team in a great position moving forward, with no need for the adaptation that other firms have been forced to do. Certainly, it’s clear that if this is how the business operates during the most arduous of circumstances, it’s an incredible prospect to imagine what they will do in the future. Company: My Mortgage Maker Ltd Contact: Elliot Cotterell Web Address: Navigating the path toward obtaining and managing a mortgage is never easy, whether it’s a first time or as a professional landlord. Support is vital, and just what the team at My Mortgage Maker provide. With years of expertise behind them, they offer exceptional customer service to their clients. We take a closer look to see what this firm has to offer. Based in the historic city of Bath, the team at My Mortgage Maker are perfectly equipped to become a trusted advisor to any and all who need their services. The team know the industry well, and with their renowned customer service are able to guide customers to a solution that meets their specific needs. The team at My Mortgage Maker pride themselves on their ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Within the industry, there are very few who can compare to their impressive skill and talent. Able to assist people wherever they are on their journeys, they have gained a great deal of respect. A lot of the team’s business comes from referrals, a fact of which they are very proud. It has allowed them to spend less time and money on marketing, and more improving the process further for clients. Because the team spends a great deal of time working with a broad variety of customers, they have found that an essential step is ensuring that there is a clear and informative process of what is happening. To the untrained eye, tracking income can be confusing. To assist with this, the team have put processes in place to handle whatever must be done in a digital fashion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been a huge benefit to the team, and their customers. When it comes to working with an advisor, the team know that realism is much better than Making Mortgage Magic misplaced optimism. They are scrupulous when it comes to what is achievable and what is not, allowing My Mortgage Maker to manage expectations with ease. This not only ensures that advisors are not overworked, but that they make precise decisions based on clear judgement. While the firm has been an extraordinary success, managing this growth so that it is organic and sustainable is a priority for the team. Treating the customer in the best way possible, matching the expectations of how the team themselves would want to be treated is very much one of the core beliefs of My Mortgage Maker. It’s an approach which has brought great feedback and happy clients, which in turn leads to further organic growth. It is such a busy market right now and the ability to keep clients informed and valued throughout this process is hugely important to the continued success of the company. 2020 was a challenging year for every business, and My Mortgage Maker has been no exception. Nov20044 The team know the industry well, and with their renowned customer service are able to guide customers to a solution that meets their specific needs. Elliot Cotterell, Managing Director