Finance Awards 2020

35 | Finance Awards 2020 Ross and Richardson Ltd is a small family-run insurance brokerage with extensive experience across its field. Following its well-deserved success in the UK Finance Awards 2020, we got in touch with Simon Challiner to find out more. Located in Cheshire, Ross and Richardson Ltd specialise in arranging personalised quotes for life insurance to families across the country. To start, Simon begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers us more of an insight into its clientele. “Here at Ross & Richardson Ltd, we offer general life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance. Typically, we tend to serve professional clients with an existing mortgage or higher net worth individuals looking for inheritance tax planning.” The UK insurance industry can be a difficult market to operate in, however as Simon informs us, much of the firm’s success can be attributed to its client-focused approach. “By taking a holistic view of our clients requirements, we are able to create a package that serves their needs at a price they are happy to pay. Whereas most insurance brokers try to offer the clients a single policy to meet all their needs, we try to tailor the clients insurance package to be more precise and this will often require more than one policy to be adequately achieved.” Staff members at Ross & Richardson play an integral role in the firm’s success, and as Simon explains further, their understanding of a client’s Most Trusted Life Insurance Provider - North England needs is often the key to delivering high-quality products and services. “The staff here are excellent as they genuinely care about the client and this is absolutely imperative to ensure a good outcome. The skill for understanding a client’s needs and the challenges they may face financially is the key to good service. Many of our clients also refer friends and family members which speaks volumes about the service we provide.” Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way the firm operate, the pandemic hasn’t affected business too much, as Simon elaborates further. “COVID-19 has made many things different, but thus far our market has not been too adversely affected. Initially, the biggest impediment was working from home, but this has since been resolved with the use of technology such as Zoom.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Simon signs off by sharing some of Ross and Richardson’s future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “During early 2021, we will be welcoming a new director to launch the mortgage side of the business and this allows us to service our substantial client base more effectively.” Company: Ross and Richardson Ltd Contact: Simon Challiner Web: Nov20084 “Here at Ross & Richardson Ltd, we offer general life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance.”