Finance Awards 2020

37 | Finance Awards 2020 Storm2 is a leader in global FinTech recruitment that has seen exceptional growth since its inception in 2019. Connecting organisations with world-class talent in order to drive their missions, Storm2 is able to provide comprehensive insights on recruitment in the FinTech sector, offering specialist knowledge in an area that is growing faster than any generalist recruitment solution can. We take a closer look at the young, dynamic firm and find out more about its plans for worldwide expansion. Launched in 2019 by a team of experienced global recruitment executives, Storm2 is a leader in FinTech recruitment, connecting global organisations with the talent they require to realise their visions. In just over a year, Storm2 has grown into a worldwide company operating in London and its new offices in Singapore and Amsterdam to provide comprehensive recruitment services to FinTechs across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and beyond. Whilst the recruitment sector in technology is typically generalist, Storm2 provides complete, specialised services that are suited to the rapidly accelerating nature of FinTechs. The team covers key skill sets across C-Suite in Product, Sales & Marketing, Risk & Compliance, Finance, Operations, Engineering and DevOps, providing unparalleled thought-leadership and insights for its clients in the £200 billion FinTech market. Consequently, Storm2 is also the leading provider of sector-specific information regarding market compensation and best practices, offering guidance on everything from salary advice to employer branding, diversity pieces to staff retention initiatives. It is a concept that is revolutionary in the FinTech market, but one that was designed to be as disruptive as the companies it serves. Founder James Brown took the experience he had gained in a growing global recruitment agency to begin his own journey in the field, but with one crucial difference. He created a one-stop shop in his recruitment agency, working with CEOs across the world to identify what they needed from his services and culminating his findings into an agency that could fulfil all the roles that FinTech companies had so far been relying on up to ten agencies to achieve. James and his team sourced the investors and created the scalability and infrastructure that would allow Storm2 to grow and evolve at the same rate as the notoriously changeable FinTech industry, giving their company the competitive Best FinTech Recruitment Company 2020 edge over the more generalist technology recruitment agencies. As a result, Storm2 relies heavily on the specialist knowledge of its team, who James considers to be integral to the firm’s outstanding success in a relatively short timescale. United in the company’s shared values of Honesty, Performance, and Responsibility, Storm2 goes above and beyond to ensure its clients have access to the best of the talent on offer in its exciting sector. There is no single skillset that makes an ideal candidate in the FinTech industry, and the team is therefore made up of individuals with a keen eye for the motivations and characteristics like versatility and determination in a candidate that would make them the ideal match for an organisation. The recruitment process at Storm2 is rigorous and meticulous, seeking those who share the firm’s core values, strong work ethic, and genuine passion to see their clients and colleagues grow alongside them. As the FinTech industry’s growth accelerates, it is facing inevitable challenges including funding and securing the right talent. However, Storm2’s growing network of FinTech experts and professionals is providing the solution to the latter problem in particular. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic, whilst devastating in so many ways has presented new and exciting opportunities for businesses in FinTech to adapt and reinvent themselves. Storm2’s agility has enabled the relatively small firm to accommodate these changes and evolutions, maintaining business activity for the agency and continuing its steady growth throughout an undoubtedly tricky year. As such, with its newly launched offices in the tech hubs of mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific marking an exciting milestone in the firm’s global takeover, Storm2 is optimistic about its future. With plans to open another office in the US in the coming year alongside many other exciting projects in the works, there is no doubt that Storm2 will be one to watch as it dominates the exciting industry of FinTech recruitment. Company: Storm2 Contact: Chelcie Harry Website: Oct20738