Finance Awards 2020

40 | Finance Awards 2020 overnight so that service for clients was able to continue seamlessly. The firm as a whole is currently undergoing an almighty journey of digital transformation, with ambitions to become an FX and digital payments giant powered by new digital capabilities and infrastructure. Whilst this has proven incredibly useful in the sudden acceleration to a more digital way of life in recent months, it is also enabling CAB to expand partnerships, currency capabilities and technology offerings now and in the future. By integrating platform connectivity and enhancing its technological capabilities, CAB is able to keep moving money where it is needed efficiently, reliably, securely and cost-effectively. This exciting digital transformation by CAB is being recognised and applauded on a global scale, earning a myriad of awards in addition to the SME News UK Finance Awards: Best Foreign Exchange & Cross-Border Payments Services Provider 2020. CAB has also received the Banker’s Transaction Banking Award 2020 for Africa, Global Finance’s Best FX Provider for Emerging Market Currencies 2020 & 2021, FT1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies, amongst many others. With this international support, CAB is able continue investing in its digital infrastructure, vast global network and decades of expertise to achieve its driving mission: to use the power of technology to bridge the gap between frontier and emerging markets and the rest of the world. Company: Crown Agents Bank Contact: Charlie Bronks Website: Crown Agents Bank (CAB) is a UK-based financial service partner for governments, development organisations, and regulated financial services businesses that provides wholesale FX and cross-border payment services that connect frontier and emerging markets. For almost two centuries, CAB has been building deep, trusted relationships with financial and government institutions around the world. Today, it is integrating digital capabilities to enable their clients to move money to where it is needed safely and securely. As an award-winning financial service partner to governments, development organisations and regulated financial services businesses, Crown Agents Bank is a leading provider of payment and FX intermediary services that connects frontier and emerging markets, facilitating the delivery of money into some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Employing almost two centuries of profound financial market experience, CAB is able to support its global clientele in overcoming a vast spectrum of challenges or complexities within financial and FX markets. The firm works with governments and international development organisations to distribute commercial payments and emergency aid quickly so as to create access to hard-to-reach markets; with central and commercial banks to manage national and international payments; with digital companies in order to buy frontier currencies or deliver in-market payments through mobile money or bank transfers at competitive rates, helping beneficiaries receive the most money possible; and with pension schemes, so that payments can be made to members across the world and proof of life services are also available on an international scale. Ultimately, CAB is able to provide inimitable services to frontier and emerging markets thanks to its direct access to more than a hundred currencies, its ability to support trading across more than 400 pairings, and to generally be adaptable to the requirements of its clients. The firm has built a network of trusted, long-term partnerships across Africa, the Caribbean, and frontier and emerging markets across the globe, having been an intermediary between OECD and developing markets for almost 200 years. As Best Foreign Exchange & Cross-Border Payments Services Provider 2020 such, CAB is in the unique position to serve even the most complex frontier markets effectively – a capability which it is constantly developing. Having seen years of regulatory changes, harsh conditions, liquidity crises and more, CAB has accrued valuable insight and expertise into handling money across frontiers, even in the face of great adversity. Rarely has this knowledge been more crucial than in the last few months, which has seen incredible disruption to global economies thanks to Covid-19. In this time, CAB has honoured its commitment to delivering personalised support, services and settlement, ensuring its clients have access to liquidity and that payment corridors stay open, even in a time of such universal disruption. This has predominantly been possible thanks to the hard work of the CAB IT department, which facilitated the shift to remote working almost Nov20024