Finance Awards 2020

42 | Finance Awards 2020 concentrated all of its efforts on the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and started to create a strong panel there for its clients to access. This started off with just one lender back in April 2020, and has since grown to include six more. Since its very first Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme deal, Aurora Capital has now helped more than 180 businesses access over thirty million pounds worth of funding, which it can be very proud of. Ultimately, Aurora Capital has been a lifeline for British businesses in a time where there has been no shortage of uncertainty or anxiety about future funding. It is a business that is truly exceptional, and deserves the highest praise for its work in keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic. Company: Aurora Capital Contact: George Holmes Website: At a time when British business needs more help than ever before to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, there is hope in the form of Aurora Capital. Comprised of a team of funding consultants, Aurora Capital is on hand to help UK-based businesses raise the necessary capital they require to help grow, expand, or survive the pandemic. Join us as we find out what makes this business the deserved winner of the title of Best SME Finance Broker 2020 as part of the UK Finance Awards 2020 from SME News Magazine. British business is in a very uncertain time at the moment. Between lockdown and the pandemic, as well as Brexit, there has been little in the way of celebration for many of Britain’s homegrown small and medium enterprises. Yet, there is hope that these businesses can see this rocky period through with the help of Aurora Capital, a team of funding specialists that assist the UK’s SMEs in raising the necessary finance to grow and expand their business. Whether a business needs to adapt or grow during these uncertain times, Aurora Capital can help them access the funds they need, and quickly. It has access to a wide variety of lenders that can offer funding solutions for all types of scenarios, and this complemented by the fact that there is nothing to pay back for the first twelve months thanks to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. In essence, the main role of Aurora Capital is to use its expertise to package and place a deal with a range of lenders and products to present the client with not only the most competitive solutions, but a range of more flexible options as well. Another aspect of Aurora Capital to highlight is that they do not charge any broker or arrangement fees to benefit from the services they provide. Finance can be one of those industries that is full of jargon, and that is why Aurora Capital has approached its work with the core goal of providing an honest and clear approach to finance in every interaction. By maintaining this approach, the firm has been able to make long-standing relationships with clients, with some having used the firm’s services for the last five years. Clients take many different forms at Aurora Capital, but all are given the same level of care and attention to detail when considering their unique financial needs. The firm serves all different types of businesses, though its specialism lies in working with the SME sector. Its target market is aimed at businesses turning over anywhere between £100k and £10M. Best SME Finance Broker 2020 There are several ways that the firm approaches business with clients, ranging from digital marketing campaigns to referrals, to the outstanding reviews and word of mouth that clients share when they work with Aurora Capital. Alongside a partner network that includes other brokers, accountants, and solicitors, Aurora Capital is able to spread the word of its services to businesses and clients all over the country. That nationwide message is important now more than ever before, especially given the impact of COVID-19 on the British business landscape. Prior to the pandemic, Aurora Capital had a strong lending panel of more than thirty funders and several different products to access. However, seemingly overnight, all lending had come to a halt and the panel had stopped all lending. Aurora Capital was forced to restructure quickly or risk being left in the dark. So, the firm Nov20625