Finance Awards 2020

6 | Finance Awards 2020 Oct20749 Best Tradesman Insurance Broker 2020 Rhino Trade Insurance is an award-winning UK trade insurance company and broker serving the self-employed tradesman community nationwide. Offering a comprehensive range of insurance services, Rhino’s accessible online shop is efficient and effective, proving affordable insurance solutions in everything from Employers and Public Liability Insurance to Tax Fee Protection Insurance. Nationally recognised for making insurance matters simple and easy to manage, Rhino is this year the recipient of the UK Finance Awards: Best Tradesman Insurance Broker 2020. Based in Thurmaston, Leicester, Rhino Trade Insurance is a leading trade insurance company and broker that specialises in providing straightforward, quality insurance at low premiums for self-employed tradesmen. Offering insurance online or over the phone, Rhino deals in employers and public liability insurance, tools in transit insurance, legal expenses, personal accident, income protection, contractor’s all-risk and tax fee protection insurance. Serving plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders, bricklayers, painters, decorators and more across the UK, Rhino is a trusted partner to trade businesses of all sizes. The company aims to clear the confusion that often clouds insurance in the trade industry, providing easy-to-understand and purchase insurance products on its straightforward one-stop shop that uses uncomplicated jargon to communicate with clients. Rhino’s corporate group Rhino Protect also provides access to legal advisors, tax consultants and solicitors who are on hand to support insurance matters regarding legal expenses and tax fee protection products, in order to deliver on the Rhino guarantee of creating solutions to the full breadth of insurance matters faced by tradespeople in one location. Having been built over twenty years by former tradesmen for a growing community of tradespeople, Rhino knows the requirements of its clients and tailors its services to fill those needs, and only these needs, at competitive rates. Often known as the ‘tradesman’s insurer’, Rhino seeks to be relatable for its clients, speaking in the same language as them so that they can have confidence in choosing and purchasing their insurance. Customers are able to use Rhino’s online insurance shop and quote engine that is unintrusive and fast, obtaining an insurance quotation without submitting personal details so that they can choose the right insurance product for them and have it implemented quickly and without hassle. As such, Rhino’s reputation for transforming the often complex and cumbersome process of purchasing and renewing insurance streamlined and painless is growing as the company itself develops. With an application process that takes just minutes online and produces all the necessary documents required immediately after payment, Rhino is able to offer 24/7 support to its clients, with customer service and sales teams available to answer questions or resolve issues efficiently six days a week. Existing at the heart of a community of tradespeople that spans the length and breadth of the UK, Rhino has also cultivated a vast network of partners in relevant service providers across the trades industry. As a result, Rhino is able to offer unique referral schemes to ensure their clients get the most comprehensive insurance solutions possible, whilst its partners are able to co-brand and host white-labelled versions of the Rhino insurance shop front as part of the company’s successful sub-broker network. In doing so, Rhino has established itself as an intrinsic element in the success of the UK trade industry, supporting and collaborating with men and women who take pride in their work and their partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted trade insurance brokers on the market. It is clear, therefore, that people are the defining factor of Rhino’s success, which holds great store by the old adage, ‘people buy from people’. The front-line staff of Rhino’s business are the sales and customer support teams who are vital to maintaining close communication channels across its network of thousands of tradespeople. As the voice of Rhino is its USP, the firm recruits a team of individuals who are able to communicate in the common language shared by the insurance company and its brokers and their community of tradespeople. The same inclusive culture applies to the back-end staff at Rhino who perform the vital tasks of managing claims, renewals, administration and underwriting. Together, Rhino operates on a level playing field that promotes every individual team member, creating the sense of family and positivity that translates into Rhino’s positive and empowering customer service. Employing these attributes in cohesion with the professionalism, compliance and progression needed in financial markets, Rhino is able to strike the balance between welcoming customer service and the growth and innovation needed to thrive in those markets. However, Rhino has witnessed the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on so many of its self-employed tradesmen, many of whom have spent long periods of the lockdowns with minimal business activity. The company has had to be conscientious in its navigation of the pandemic and maintaining the high quality of service that its customers expect, even in such unprecedented times as these. As such, Rhino has worked in collaboration with its clients to sensitively handle their insurance needs and to provide informative resources to guide them through government guidelines and protocols as they try to continue operating as far as possible. In addition, in order to keep morale across its community high, Rhino has gifted thousands of pounds worth of tools and prizes as well as their signature Rhino workwear to its tradespeople throughout the pandemic, to let them know that Rhino continues to have their best interests at heart, particularly in this trying year. As a result of the continued support of its community, Rhino has been able to maintain steady growth month by month throughout even