finance awards 2021 winners packages

SME News is delighted to host the annual UK Finance Awards, championing and recognising those once again in the financial services sector who have shown industry excellence over the past year. Now in its third consecutive year, the UK Finance Awards are excited to open submissions for this sought after programme! The UK continues to innovate and galvanise the sector, and in 2021 our nation’s capital remains one of the leading hubs of the global financial services industry. Contributing £132 billion to the economy in recent years, the financial sector has proven vital in supporting the UK’s small and medium business community. Not only are SMEs championed through funding opportu - nities made possible by venture capital and investment specialists, but also through highly valuable and specialised services such as bookkeeping, payroll, and the insight of personal financial advisors. UK Fintech companies are also paving the way to a bright new future as they continue to inject accessibility and convenience into financial management. In a sector where large conglomerates often dominate the landscape, SME News is here to spotlight the diverse range of small and medium sized companies who continually demonstrate intelligent, forward-think - ing innovation and a commitment to being the best at what they do. Rather than just focusing on the size of your institution or the number of votes it has received, we ensure of a level playing field by rewarding parties based on their reputation, commitment, innovation, determination and contribution to their industry . The Packages Congratulations for making it to this stage of the competition. As a victor, SME News is delighted to offer you our basic press release items at no charge. This includes a completely complimentary entry in our official Finance Awards directory As well as offering these items, we also have several commercial packages available, each are designed to enhance your award and offer you access to our widely distributed and sought-after publication. Please review at your leisure. Welcome To the Finance Awards hosted by SME NEWS FINANCE AWARDS 2021