Finance Awards 2021

13 | Finance Awards 2021 Jones & Co Independent Financial Advice is an award-winning team of holistic financial planners based in Chesterfield. With a team of highly motivated, dedicated and knowledgeable financial planners, our aim is to meet the financial needs of the local population and surrounding regions. Each of our independent financial advisors (IFAs) is qualified to give unbiased, jargon-free financial advice across a wide range of financial services; the aim being to improve upon an individual’s current and future situation. We advise clients on all aspects of finance and investment including investments, pensions and wealth management. Complementary skills and personalities Our fantastic team really complement each other. With their unique skills and personalities, they make the firm a success by striving for our key objective: helping clients to preserve or accumulate wealth and security. None of us could’ve foreseen recent global events, but this period of unprecedented upheaval brought the Jones & Co team yet closer and gave us an opportunity to underline how adaptable and innovative we are. It also highlighted how well we work as a team, even when we’re not all in the same place! Improving our clients’ financial situations The business was founded on helping clients to preserve or accumulate their wealth and security and that goal has never been more important. Thanks to the sheer tenacity of the team and a highly robust IT system that allows us to work remotely and securely, we’ve been working hard to continue to improve our clients’ current and future financial situations. Always putting our clients first, we have excellent long-standing client relationships and this has paid dividends as clients turn to us because they trust us and that, in turn, makes the team even stronger and more determined to succeed. Best Retirement & Pension Planning Firm - Derbyshire Exceeding client expectations with exceptional teamwork This new way of working actually informed our continued best practice and we decided to keep online consultations. What’s more, investment and pension portfolio performance across the board has exceeded client expectations; we couldn’t be prouder! As a result of this incredible teamwork, the company is set to grow and expand further in 2022 as we look to recruit several new financial professionals with specific skills and expertise over the coming months. At the same time, we have a great opportunity to grow the company via acquisitions. So, we are seeking to acquire relevant businesses that will able us to further strengthen our position in the markets for the benefit of all of our clients. Here at Jones & Co we remain determined to focus on the many positives that our industry has to offer and will ensure we take advantage of them to ensure a bright future for both our clients and staff. Words by Jones & Co Independent Financial Advice following its recognition in the UK Finance Awards with the title, Best Retirement & Pension Planning Firm – Derbyshire. Nov21014