Finance Awards 2021

14 | Finance Awards 2021 clients’ and our own processes.” Auria’s team members are passionate about what they do, they want to help their clients achieve success, and are all committed to using their training and qualifications to drive everyone to success. Andy tells us, “An in-depth knowledge of how businesses work is imperative to what we do and all of our team members use their training and on- the-job experience to build this knowledge base to give our clients the best service possible.” The Auria team has recently found the pandemic has had a silver lining with it opening clients’ eyes to the benefit of a closer relationship with their accountants. This enabled the team to discuss the benefits of planning and regular financial management reporting, as well as to work with clients and impart the knowledge they have of their businesses and the industries they work in to navigate through these pressing times. The Auria Group now has big plans in 2022 and beyond. As well as looking to build their West-End of London Head Office, headed by Spencer Hall fca and their Hertfordshire office, they are also exploring opportunities for subsequent Home Counties Offices. The focus remains in adding quality to their team and the services provided to owner managed businesses, to ensure they keep improving in helping their clients. Andy shares, “In addition to the practice growth, from our London head office, we are launching a family office service where we are able to look at the whole family and the business interests, operate and manage the entirety of those interests so as to give complete visibility to the family of how these interests are performing, without them having to run the finance systems themselves. This will be open to high-net-worth families and individuals, split into: Media, Sport & Creative and the more traditional businesses. Company: Auria Accountancy (Herts) Ltd Contact: Andy Fairclough Email: a.fairclough@auria.accounta nts Website: Auria Accountancy (Herts) Ltd is a general accountancy practice, but it considers itself to be more than that to its clients. In light of Auria’s success in SME News’ UK Finance Awards, we got in touch with company director, Andy Fairclough to find out how the firm helps its clients. Andy Fairclough believes any accountant should be able to do your accounts and your books; if not, they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing. He believes that Auria Accountancy is more than that. He said, “We want to be our clients’ strategic partners for their businesses, helping them plan and achieve everything they want for their businesses and, more importantly, themselves and their families.” Auria Accountancy’s core values centre around its commitment to its clients and their businesses. Ensuring they are compliant with HMRC and all statutory filings while helping them look forward and plan their future successes. Being proactive and offering up-to-date, real-time financial information, regular review and planning meetings throughout the year as opposed to once yearly contact. This allows the companies to play that important role within businesses as the strategic financial partner. Speaking about how Auria approaches and deals with clients, Andy said, “We genuinely will talk to anyone and any business. We like to ensure that both the client and our firm are a good fit for each other. So, whether it is an approach from a new client directly to us, or if someone has referred us onto a possible new client, we make sure we meet up and discuss their business and their requirements in detail. “In this deep dive, we ensure we find out the key drivers of the business and provide a detailed proposal for what we believe the business needs to achieve its goals. We are committed to planning and being involved in our clients’ businesses from the ground up.” A crucial part of providing this dedicated service to clients is the firm’s staff. Andy says, “We always look for committed and dynamic team members and like to believe we breed a culture in our firm where our team always puts our clients first and strives to find improvements in both our Most Trusted Accountancy - South East England Dec21179