Finance Awards 2021

18 | Finance Awards 2021 a client with their environmental, social, and governance procedures in 2019. With the Shawpoint Forum promising to be a dedicated space to help young professionals grow, and the company’s own dedication to sustainability coming to the fore alongside its resolute service of its clients, 2022 is gearing up to be an exciting year for this firm and its clientele. Company: Shawpoint Contact: Jon Shaw Website: With a dedication to being the investment banking solution for SMEs across Europe, Shawpoint supports the growth and sale of its clients throughout their business’s life cycle. In essence, this business provides services in raising debt, equity financing, advising on the sale of businesses, and more, going above and beyond to make itself a partner to its client’s growth and helping them to management their corporate logistics in order to help them achieve their goals. After all, in its eyes, the success of its clients is a success for Shawpoint. Shawpoint is a firm that found its feet on the premise of helping entrepreneurs to realise the value of their businesses and the assets within. Established by market leader, innovative thinker, and diligent professional, Jon Show, Shawpoint works with its clients in order to help them categorise and capitalise on the assets they have, encouraging them through processes of raising debt, equity financing, and advising on business sale so that the customers can achieve the best possible result. In essence, Shawpoint wants a client to walk away having sold or revamped their business in a manner that will support their future plans, reflecting the current worth of the entity in question. The founder wishes to help as many professionals as possible to recognise the inherent worth of the work that has gone into setting up a business, no matter the scale or goal, running rigorous processes in order to sell or raise capital for the growth of profitable businesses across Europe. This, in addition, includes some listed companies. Due to its incredible work with a myriad of different clients, it has cultivated a wide and broad roster of clients who use it as a one stop shop for investment banking, appreciating how it funds exclusively from private sources rather than public markets for equity and debt. Critically, this means that Shawpoint has developed a reputation for being transparent and reliable, earning new clients through the reviews and referrals of its existing clientele rather than having to rely on marketing; today, this has resulted in it working with clients who have profits of anywhere from half a million to ten million per year, from energy suppliers to property management and healthcare entities. Employing open-minded, forward-thinking, and curious people who will support its clients Best SME Corporate Finance Advisory Firm 2021 every step of the way, Shawpoint has developed notoriety for being a delight to work with. Its staff each carry a ‘can do’ attitude and a true dedication to the client, the hard work each of them has put in meaning Shawpoint now boasts an impressive portfolio of business sales prices with include over 40x (EBITDA) profit and 8x revenue margins, using these elements to help SMEs push forward towards their next big milestone. Thus, Shawpoint’s goodwill amongst its market segment and peers has been more than earned, furthering this by working towards becoming totally carbon neutral after advising Nov21601