Finance Awards 2021

19 | Finance Awards 2021 AS Financial dreams of creating the perfect client journey, taking clients through the process of thinking about their next mortgage move all the way through to completion. We delve into learning more about the firm. Offering its services nationwide, AS Financial has expertise in a wide range of clients and locations along with all types of residential and investment mortgage/lending. Guided by the right expert at the right time, the client is taken step by step through each stage of the purchase or re-mortgage, seamlessly moving between online and offline journeys. AS Financial prides itself on its forward-thinking ethos and drive to use technology and products to its best and to the benefit of its clients. This starts with the staff, who tend to be dynamic, forward thinkers encouraged to suggest and recommend the next steps forward. AS Financial insists all its advisers are qualified to the highest level in the industry and are tasked annually to keep learning and evolving. The firm has also partnered with some of the most innovative Best Mortgage Brokerage & Protection Advisory Firm - Greater London technology solutions in the marketplace to stay at the forefront of innovation. AS Financial strives to be the best of the best in service levels to its clients. The key and ultimate goal is for the client to sense its informal but professional ethos, appreciate its transparency and honesty, and most importantly, come away from the experience knowing that the team of people they worked with had their best interests at heart. This culture starts from the initiation of new staff via training and documentation and underpins everything it does. Also to foster this environment, staff are given high levels of technological and administrative support to enable them to overcome and thrive in challenging environments and to set the foundation for future growth. In addition to the training scheme, AS Financial’s staff benefit from a remuneration package which is above average as well as working in beautiful Central London offices. The combination of these factors drives individuals to want to work for the firm, especially those who are just starting out in the industry. AS Financial has an extremely professional reputation and good brand awareness, shown through its significant amount of five-star Google reviews. In 2020, AS Financial had its best year on record, including three record months. AS Financial Managing Director, Saul Conway tells us, “We were able to move seamlessly to home working because of the strength of the processes, the cloud systems and the skills of the experienced and talented staff. “While some advisory services were furloughing staff, AS Financial was gaining market share, through organic growth and the support the government gave to the housing market in stamp duty relief. The company expanded its workforce by over 20% over the last year and has undertaken more mortgages in 12 months than ever before. This trend continued into 2021 where we were 15% up year on year.” So, what about the finance industry itself? Saul observes that it is currently innovating at a greater pace than ever before. He said, “Traditional, long- established players have less power than ever before as new kids on the block with innovative technology can gain market share. This is an exciting time for consumers who should see increased access to lower-cost products across the industry. “Nonetheless, this isn’t all good news – Innovation can go wrong as well as right, and there will be consumers trapped with products from now-defunct providers or providers that have over-promised their technology or product. Firms within the industry are having to make decisions over which tech to use, what platforms to use, and how to reach consumers. These decisions are wide ranging and hard to unwind so are crucial in the business planning. In many ways, this means future business planning is harder than ever before.” To conclude, Saul comments on AS Financial’s success within SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2021: “AS Financial is dedicated to offering market leading service using a team of experts. Rewards like this motivate us all to be better.” Company: AS Financial Contact: Saul Conway Email: Website: Nov21563