Finance Awards 2021

22 | Finance Awards 2021 Abode Finance, a mortgage advice and brokerage company, is a firm based in Horsham. With a deep-seated commitment to its clientele, an ability to provide understanding and empathic customer service, and an impressive track record of securing the best outcomes for its clients, it has helped all manner of customers from first time buyers to commercial property buyers. Although it is a small team, it has grown a reputation for being truly mighty, and this accolade promises to help it springboard towards yet more astounding heights of success in the new year. A company dedicated to the customer in every sense, and one willing to go above and beyond to help them succeed on their financial journey, Abode Finance is a mortgage financing advice, counsel, and brokerage service operating out of Horsham. Priding itself on being able to clear up any mortgage confusion, with simple and accessible mortgage advice provided by the experts, and an ability to advise a client on all kinds of mortgages whether a client is a first- time buyer or looking to downsize, Abode uses its knowledge and expertise to guide clients through the transaction at every turn. Fundamentally, it uses its knowledge and expertise to guide clients through the transaction, providing as much support as they need both during the application and after the fact. As a part of its dedication to their comfort and Best First Time Buyer Mortgage Brokerage - South East England satisfaction, Abode helps everyone, every time, with whatever they need. Critically, no job is too big or too small for this company, and it has propelled itself into the spotlight by consistently going above and beyond for its clients at every turn, even able to serve portfolio landlords, commercial purchase clients, and those bridging loans through development finance. This all falls under its unique selling point, its tenacity and ability to think outside the box; Abode explores all avenues when it comes to specifying the best course of action for its clientele, thoroughly considering a comprehensive view of all factors at play – from the bigger picture to the minute details – in order to ensure the service is excellent. Essentially, these considerations are what has cemented its place as a leader in the mortgage brokerage and finance market. It has grown its customer base through a naturalistic approach to expansion, allowing its work to speak for itself and expanding based on the reviews and referrals that its clients give out once they are truly satisfied with how their case has been handled. Therefore, Abode extends its thanks to every one of them, as its clients have become as critical a growth element as its staff when it comes to what has made it the strong vocal presence in the industry that it is today. The Director and Owner, Deborah Whittaker, has worked extremely hard to ensure a successful future for Abode, and she has faced challenges with a strong attitude that has propelled the business forward. She had built a small but mighty team including James Wingate the Senior Broker, Janette Mitchell the Personal Assistant, Nov21042 and the professional brokers under its current employ each participate in making Abode’s services exemplary and comprehensive, allowing clients to benefit from a friendly and charismatic environment of consummate professionals. Thus, they can trust that their case is truly in the best of hands. Having moved to a town centre premises during April of 2021, it is excited to see what future 2022 and beyond holds for both it and its clients, promising that they can expect Abode continue to get bigger and better as its notoriety expands further. Company: Abode Finance Contact: Deborah Whittaker Website: