Finance Awards 2021

23 | Finance Awards 2021 Specialising in tax affairs, accounting and business advice, the team at Choaccountancy & Practice Limited have built their name as an all-in-one service to their clients. Their approach has allowed many businesses to thrive. In SME News’ UK Finance Awards, the Choaccountancy & Practice team achieved incredible success. We take a closer look at their work to find out more. When it comes to offering a comprehensive service, there are few finer than the team at CAP. Their incredible skill has put them at the heart of the accountancy industry, allowing them to thrive on behalf of their clients. Businesses including subsidiary, branch and SMEs all turn to CAP for their knowledge an expertise, depending on them to grow and survive the challenges of the day. The team’s success has brought them recognition around the world. They have a great deal of experience tackling the various challenges that their customers might bring. Each is unique, as no two organisations are the same, but the commitment to delivering a superb solution is consistent no matter what. From the set-up of a business through to end of year tax reporting, this is a set of professionals who are always by your side. Every customer brings unique strategic needs, and the team at CAP have made it their mission to ensure that their work reflects the demands of an organsiation. To this end, the CAP team operate as partners in the operation of a business. Whether it’s bookkeeping or offering taxation services, they work around what their clients need support with to secure their success. With such remarkable range of service, the team have seen considerable demand from a variety of sources including local businesses, e-Commerce, overseas corporations and self-assessments for the self-employed. Each has its own distinctive appeal and bespoke challenges. No matter what the industry or background, the CAP team are trusted by their clients to deliver truly exceptional results at all times. It’s a credit to the team that their work is held in such high regard in so many different sectors. Working with the CAP team does not simply open the door to exceptional services, it provides Accountancy of the Year 2021 - South West London a gateway into a variety of different service providers. The team have built up an incredible global network of Chartered certified accountants, lawyers and bankers who have a wealth of expertise. When the CAP team don’t quite know what to do, they almost certainly know someone else who will. This impressive network of partners is always expanding to ensure that no matter who walks through the door, the CAP team are always able to deliver. Needless to say, CAP has thrived thanks to a comprehensive solution in every scenario. The team’s success is thanks to their tireless efforts and determination to serve customers at all times. It’s a success which will see the company flourish for many years to come. Company: CHOACCOUNTANCY & PRACTICE Limited Contact: Amy Email: Nov21091