Finance Awards 2021

24 | Finance Awards 2021 an hourly or fixed fee basis, whatever suits the client, they can obtain the expertise they need without having to employ someone themselves. It’s clear for all to see that Zoo Accounting will continue to grow alongside their clients thanks to their professional yet approachable business strategy. The ‘Zebra Cross Inn’ provides both staff and clients a space to unwind at the office accompanied by a few drinks, a game of darts or even an intense game of PAC-MAN. The transparent message at Zoo Accounting is that of family, whether you’re an employee, a client or a visitor. The successful business they’ve built so far will only be a platform to continue to grow and expand heading into future ventures. Company: Zoo Accounting & Business Solutions Ltd Contact: Wayne McCormack Web Address: Email: Four years ago, Wayne McCormack and Zeta Hewings decided to go it alone, starting their own accountancy firm. Zoo Accounting & Business Solutions Ltd had humble beginnings, with both of them sharing a desk but has grown into a thriving organisation. The now twelve-strong team has achieved remarkable success in SME News’ UK Finance Awards, so we took a closer look to discover how. The finance industry is often built on age-old traditions and methods that are tried and tested for many years, but in today’s modern economy this is often more of a burden than a strength. As a new firm, with agile thinking at its heart, the team at Zoo Accounting have been able to set their own unique style, pushing boldly forwards to an exciting new future that reflects the needs of the moment. With an ever-growing team that caters & tailors to the needs of individual clients, aided by their use of the latest software they provide an efficient & personable experience. Adapting to the modern world the use of technology has Best Accountancy & Business Consulting Firm - West Midlands been key to securing new business over the previous years. Whilst many accountants are living in a pre-dated world, Zoo Accounting are ahead of the herd and are already set in the future of the digital world. As a small business, Zoo Accounting have been able to develop close relationships & bonds with their colleagues and clients. Service is the highest priority with every decision being made to ensure their continuous high standards are met. This is proven to be the case with their clients as the majority, 80%, of new business within the last 12 months for Zoo has derived from referrals. As with all businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the Zoo Accounting team. More start-ups exist now than ever before as people take a step into the unknown during these uncertain times. These businesses need a great deal of support, whilst already established customers need support too so they can access government help and acquire the correct information they require. This shift in approach has allowed the Zoo team to broaden their horizons from accountancy to integrate business solutions. This is achieved by offering services that cover the lion’s share of business and development growth, including legal advice from April 2022. Most small or medium enterprises can’t employ a full-time role for marketing, so Zoo Accounting’s solution to that is to give the client an opportunity to utilise a marketing employee through them instead. On Nov21165