Finance Awards 2021

25 | Finance Awards 2021 SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2021 showcases some of the brightest and best of what the UK has to offer the financial sector. For the self-employed and SMEs, Wendy Tate’s solo management of Bean Counters is a fantastic example in this regard, offering accountancy services that supports a wealth of businesses. We take a closer look to discover some of the secrets of her success. No business is an island, and SMEs depend on the support they can find from business professionals who are sympathetic to their needs. By taking a proactively modern approach, Wendy and Bean Counters has developed a bookkeeping and accounts solution that is cost- effective, efficient and can be bespoke designed to suit the individual needs of a client. To many, this might sound too good to be true, but years of expertise and positive results demonstrate the strength of the Bean Counters business model. Working with cloud technology has opened the doors to a wealth of new opportunities for her clients, offering the ultimate in connectivity and access. It also means that data can be easily collected, collated and transformed into sound financial advice for the future. Needless to say, this easy access to information means it is possible to quickly tailor solutions to a client’s plans and their organisation. Working through the cloud has proven to be a boon, both throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and as the importance of responding to the climate crisis becomes more acute. As a cloud- based company, the move to remote working at the outset of the outbreak was not a challenge – as Wendy already did this – and her expertise in this regard allowed her to offer much needed support to clients who were not prepared for such a change. Through new technologies such as Zoom and Xero, she has been able to ensure that her clients continue to thrive and flourish Boutique Cloud Accounting Practice of the Year - England even in these most difficult and unprecedented of times. With regards to the climate crisis, Bean Counters has long been able to maintain a paperless office policy, reducing the impact of the business on the future of the planet. Wendy also supports an international portfolio of different carbon reduction projects around the world. Ultimately, she is proud to be carbon neutral, and is listed as such in the Beyond Carbon Neutral Directory. The UK has always had a strong heritage of SMEs, and this has generated a great deal of work for the Bean Counters and Wendy. To maintain this proud history, it has become clear that organisations must support each other as they grow and develop. A clear example of this can be seen in the firm’s new product Bookkeeping in a Box. When Wendy started her firm, she spent hours creating the appropriate documentation and procedures to satisfy the practice license. Discussions with a local bookkeeper opened up the opportunity to sell these documents, alongside what information might be needed to complete a template for her ICB practice license. Bookkeeping in a Box is the natural evolution of this and is certain to become a vital part of the financial sector moving forward. Wendy’s work at Bean Counters cannot be understated. Her approach is one which celebrates a modern way of thinking with a practical mindset gets results. Thanks to businesses like this one, it’s easy to see why Nov21167 many are saying there has never been a better time to be a small business owner in the UK. With such incredible support behind you, what more could you need to secure success? Company: Bean Counters Contact: Wendy Tate Email: Web: