Finance Awards 2021

28 | Finance Awards 2021 on the first attempt which is typically very rare for organisations to achieve first time round. Young people who have the roughest starts in life often aren’t given the opportunity to thrive in the way they should. For the team at Silver Birch Care, their simple mission is to empower all young people through a loving and caring environment – one in which they would be happy to raise their own families. Through hard work, fair pay and a great deal of care and attention to the details, the team have made a major difference to so many young people’s lives, and in turn, these young people have shared their skills and talents with the wider community. We can’t wait to see what the team will do next. Company: Silver Birch Care Contact: Sorraya Amlani Website: For many young people, the experience of leaving local authority care and making the transition into independent adult life can be challenging. Through the provision of specialist support services in their high-quality semi- independent homes across the UK, Silver Birch Care are committed to ensuring young people will go on to live safe, happy, and successful lives, and have hence become the provider of choice to so many local authorities. In SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2021, the team were named for their success and commitment to making a difference to the lives of their young people and employees. We take a closer look to discover precisely why. In 2006, Silver Birch Care was established to provide supported living services for young people aged 16 and over. Working closely with 37 Local Authorities and County Councils, as well as providing services directly to HM Government Home Office, the team have achieved an incredible reputation over the years for empowering young people with the skills they need to enter independent living. No two people are the same, and the secret behind the success of Silver Birch Care has been the ability to create a nurturing environment for young people that addresses their individual needs. They currently have over 30 semi- independent homes where their dedicated staff support young people as positive role models. The team have been able to have an enormous impact on the lives of hundreds of young people to date, equipping them with the right resources to make constructive contributions to society as a whole. The incredible support offered by the Silver Birch Care team includes a host of different services that are simply not offered by the competition. Their offering, for instance, includes a number of therapeutic interventions such the BERRI assessment tool. They understand the value of sports coaching in improving physical and mental health, delivered by their own well- established and experienced Sports Coach. They also hold several accreditations including The Mayor’s Good Work Standard and The Good Business Charter. Perhaps one of the largest triumphs for the Silver Birch Care team is the way in which the staff are treated. The quality of the team is incredibly strong because like the young people in their care, they know that they will be empowered to do Fair Living Wage Employer of the Year 2021 & Best Social Care Finance Director 2021: Sorraya Amlani their best possible work. They are set apart from the crowd by the way in which staff are paid above the recommended living wage rate. In fact, the team were the first the first 16+ semi-independent care provider in UK to join The Living Wage Foundation. By ensuring a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, they have set a standard which must be matched across the industry. Looking ahead, the team at Silver Birch Care intend to open even more new homes as part of their supported living services, as well as expanding their regulated service offering, including the recent opening of their first Ofsted children’s home in London. Alongside these remarkable expansions of what is available, the team are always looking for new initiatives that will improve the lives of staff and young people in their care. The team have just achieved their Committed to Equality Accreditation, securing a Gold pass Nov21450 Silver Birch Care