Finance Awards 2021

30 | Finance Awards 2021 KLN Accountancy Services Ltd, a bookkeeping and financial logistical help firm operating out of the East Midlands, has been making a name for itself in Britain’s financial services industry by providing business owners with steadfast fiscal counsel. Offering a wide range of different services from tax advice to business start-up plans and payroll help, it is determined to treat each client as an individual throughout the process, helping them manage the intricacies of their specific situations without letting them get lost in the weeds. Taking care of a client’s bookkeeping, taxation, and accounting requirements, KLN Accountancy Services is a firm on the side of the client from day one. Fundamentally, right from the first interaction with this organisation’s talented and professional staff, a customer can rest assured that their bookkeeping and money management solutions are in good hands, as each member of its staff is a highly trained and diligent worker. Furthermore, each one of them treats each client’s case as though it were their own money management task, ensuring each ‘I’ is dotted and each ‘t’ is crossed appropriately. In doing this, it handles everything from annual accounts to books management across long or short periods of time for its loyal clientele, each of whom have come to use KLN Accountancy Services as their one stop shop for monetary logistical help, advice, and support. Other services offered by this company include business planning, start-up model planning, capital gains tax, company formations, company Most Trusted Payroll & Bookkeeping Services Provider - East Midlands secretarial, construction industry focused financial services, management accounts, management consultancy, payroll aid, self-assessment tax return help, tax advice, compliance help, tax enquiry counsel, VAT services, and a tax investigation service. Essentially, with each one of these offerings, it offers a fixed fee service charge. This can be flexed to a charge by the hour service at a pre-agreed rate, however, as KLN Accountancy Services understands that no two businesses operate in the same manner, and so each business will find different ways of interacting with financial advisory services helpful. It is also important to note – as this is something that has earned it the trust of so many professionals – that a client will never be faced with an unexpected fee or hidden charge, instead keeping all costs and invoices totally transparent, maintaining an open and honest relationship with the client. This is part of its dedication to treating all of its clients as individuals, not just business owners. It guarantees full discretion and confidentiality at all times, securing a selling point of being reliably on a client’s side and priding itself on the friendly and unintimidating nature of its work. KLN Accountancy Services understands how difficult some financial challenges can be, especially for businesses just starting out or beginning to grapple with different financial challenges, and so it and its staff will always go above and beyond to make this process as stress free as possible, preparing the client for the bright future of their professional venture. Contact: Kym L Needham Website: Nov21367