Finance Awards 2021

35 | Finance Awards 2021 Being an insolvency practitioner over the pandemic has proved an interesting predicament for a few companies, especially as the past 18 months have seen a downturn in numbers in the macro scale. However, Chris Parkman of Purnells Insolvency Practitioners is an insolvency practitioner that has refused to let it stop him, putting in every ounce of effort to serve the loyal customer base that the firm has developed over time thanks to its expert services and charismatic, understanding customer service. Purnells Insolvency Practitioners, a boutique firm of insolvency practitioners, has made a name for itself with the clear and concise advice that it offers to its clients at every turn. Fundamentally, right from the very first interaction with this company, a client can rely on its consummate professionals to provide clear and concise counsel regarding their financial situation and best-case scenario actions, always in plain English with none of the unnecessary jargon so common in its industry. It believes in friendly and honest customer service, putting the client’s needs above all else and undertaking all manner of insolvency work, from Liquidations to restructuring plans and Company Voluntary Arrangements, as well as personal insolvency advice. In short, this has allowed it to garner significant goodwill amongst its market segment, as each customer who walks through its doors can walk away feeling reassured, and with an actionable plan of how to handle the insolvency issues they brought before it in a manner they understand. Simple, straightforward, insolvency advice is the name of its game. Critically, it ensures a high level of service from each and every professional within its ranks, from the front desk staff to the specialists; this is another element of its business that has brought Purnells Insolvency Practitioners increasingly good repute, as more often than not clients who find themselves in need of its services are under a tremendous amount of stress. When dealing with such delicate situations, each of its team members remain empathic and mindful. This allows Purnells Insolvency Practitioners to make the process as stress-free for a client as it possibly can, ensuring they are treated with respect, decency, and understanding of the unique situations in which they find themselves, refusing to resort to boiler plate solutions and instead championing a tailored approach. Thus, its staff have been the key driving factor behind its continued success, and it would like to thank each Best Insolvency Advisory Boutique Firm 2021 one of them for the diligence. Many of its team have been with it since the beginning, and with its low turnover rate and high levels of teamwork, training, and upskilling, the internal environment of Purnells Insolvency Practitioners is truly one of warmth and welcome, one which ultimately benefits the client. Of course, with all this being said, the insolvency industry was – like all parts of the corporate ecosystem – impacted by the pandemic. For this industry in particular, it encountered a decrease in insolvency numbers over the course of the past 18 months, which may come as a surprise to those who may have assumed that the insolvency industry must be doing fine for itself during this time. During this downturn, Purnells Insolvency Practitioners was one company that refused to let it stop them, working harder than ever to help clients old and new and rallying together in order to pull through what has been an incredibly challenging time, something it will continue to do into 2022 and beyond. Company: Purnells Insolvency Practitioners Contact: Christopher Parkman Website: Oct21751