Finance Awards 2021

37 | Finance Awards 2021 An extensive network lies at the heart of the work undertaken by the team at Saffron Building Society. Since 1849, this incredible organisation has served its customers to the highest standards, earning the trust of those who use it. This trust has brought them incredible success in the UK Finance Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper to discover more. The world of finance is always evolving, as our world changes and alters too. The businesses that survive are those that can adapt to these changes, and the businesses that thrive are those which make change its mission. Saffron Building Society has seen six UK monarchs on the throne, made it through two world wars and watched the decline of print and the rise of the digital age. No matter what the season, the team have grown and developed to ensure their business has led the way on behalf of their clients. The secret to the team’s continued success it heir approach which places the needs of customers first and foremost at all times. Traditionally this would have been face-to-face, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digital communications. The flexibility of the Saffron Building Society team means that they are always able to react proactively to what is required of them. This determination to offer a bespoke solution is perhaps key to the team’s continued success over the years. Whilst many building societies will have a limited range of partners, the Saffron Building Society team have developed strong relationships with Wren Sterling, the Co-op, the Equity Release experts, and Saffron Insurance, allowing them to offer a variety of third-party solutions to members and clients in the Society’s network. It’s little wonder that the team has gained such a strong reputation, both within the financial community and with its customers. The strength of the values that guide the Saffron Building Society team forward are a firm belief that their work is more important than just money. Whilst turning a profit is key, the support and trust that the team gain from working closely with their clients is a key reason behind their success. The community that has built up around this Most Trusted Building Society - East of England longstanding institution is impressive indeed, and the level of respect that flows between them is something very precious indeed. It inspires the Saffron Building Society team to always go above and beyond. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than through the firm’s impressive range of charity works. Throughout every year, numerous fundraisers are run, and donations are made to worthy organisations. The team run their own community fund grant panel made up of members and staff who decide on grants made to local charitable causes. There is no limit on where these funds go, but the Saffron Building Society are always looking at ways in which they can strive to help their local community. The success of Saffron Building Society is no surprise to those who have looked more deeply at how it is run. With the values of community right at its heart, it’s easy to see how they have been able to thrive over the years. While many organisations build their business on transactions, this one builds its on relationships. It is little wonder why it has earned the title of Most Trusted Building Society - East of England in the UK Finance Awards. Contact: Charlotte Townsend Company: Saffron Building Society Web Address: Nov21438