Finance Awards 2021

38 | Finance Awards 2021 new level of efficiency and immediacy. Going into 2022, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited hopes to take on its first member of technical staff – at the current time, it is deliberating whether it wants to bring in someone with experience or whether to take on an apprentice. Additionally, there are plans to expand the training and webinar side of the business. Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited’s main aim, however, is to continue simplifying the VAT world for companies, relieving that added pressure VAT brings. Contact: Hilary Bevan Company: Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited Web Address: A small yet mighty business, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited has powered through numerous challenges through its short time of operating. The firm provides expert advice to companies, including solutions for land and property issues, VAT for charities, and partial exemption. Indeed, the future is set to bring a wealth of success as it begins the search for its first member of technical staff and plans to continue its expansion. Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited is a tax consultancy firm that provides specialist advice to firms of accountants, solicitors, businesses, and charities, and aims to help companies that do not have their own in-house VAT specialist. The firm hopes to demystify VAT, removing the fear that many business owners have, and ultimately removing a great weight from their shoulders. Working with a range of companies, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited aids its clients in the optimisation of their services, which ensures that the final customer receives nothing short of quality. Providing a range of advice, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited guides its clients through all VAT related issues, this includes the VAT liability of a new product, the recoverability of VAT on a certain expense, the treatment of building work, what happens when a business is sold, and much more. Across a variety of services, the firm works with its clients to find the best possible solutions – after all, client-centricity is a priority within the business. The firm takes pride in its flexibility, as it is able to develop bespoke solutions for its clients. Indeed, whether it is creating draft emails or liaising with clients, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited offers an unbeatable service. Founded by Hilary Bevan, the company benefits from her 20 years of industry experience working in accountancy and tax. Bursting into the industry immediately after completing her A-Levels, Bevan’s career began in a local accountancy firm, it was here that she qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant before going on to qualify as a Chartered Tax Adviser and an Associate of Tax Consultancy of the Year 2021 - County Durham the Institute of Indirect Taxation. Over the past two decades, Bevan has developed unique and sophisticated technical knowledge, in turn, she is able to offer advice across a range of industry topics. Furthermore, VAT is a deep-seated interest for Bevan, and she regularly speaks on the subject, both to accounting professionals and to school children who are interested in a career in tax. 2021 saw fundamental changes to the VAT treatment of sales to and purchases from the EU as a result of Brexit. Many of these changes were not finalised until just before the end of the transition period, and as a result, a lot of businesses were left uncertain and under prepared. In addition, March 2021 saw many of the same issues arise in the UK construction industry with the implementation of the Domestic Reverse Charge. Henceforth, throughout the past year, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited has been working with such companies and helping them get up to speed with the new legislation. The past couple of years has also been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Small businesses, such as Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited, were, in essence, left behind through the numerous lockdowns. This was a great challenge to the fledgling business. The accountancy firms that it would often work with were rushed off their feet with furlough claims and getting to grips with remote working, and in addition, HMRC cancelled all visits and paused their enquiries. However, Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited did notice some benefits. The rise in online communications has meant that the firm has been able to work with clients from further afield, and it has also streamlined the meeting process. Instead of waiting weeks for a suitable meeting time, the virtual meetings have brought a Oct21787